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Reality Girls Scissors – The Very Violent Scarlet Vice

Reality Girls Scissors – The Very Violent Scarlet Vice




The perfection of Scarlet Vice gains momentum in action here, as she becomes more cruel, intimidating Charles from the start of action, nearly lifting him off the ground with her Supergirl strength in a near lift choke. Her perfect hands around his neck, her forearms ripped, she sinks him to the ground in a forearm choke. Straight foot chokes have him struggling and tapping, but the 18-year-old vision keeps applying the hold, then a standing knee choke. She makes him lock his hands and does a cheerleader stand/foot choke. More standing foot chokes, holding them past him tapping then laughing again. She tells him he’s a joke and digs her toes into his throat causing immense pain. She continues driving her knee into his throat, pinning him in the corner and celebrating his pain. A full weight knee to the head. A long full-weight knee to the head. He begs her, but instead of showing mercy, the Hollywood hottie seems to try to put him in the hospital with a knee to the throat then a throatstand. Her feet are perfect. More throatstands. Charles is suffering terribly under her feet. A cruel knee across the throat — pushing down with her foot. More violent full-weight knees. HOM. He panics to breathe. A standing throat choke. Another straight choke. A knee to the gut — another violent throatstand as he screams and she laughs — again. She drives her foot into his throat. More full-weight throatstands, and more. “This is brutal,” Scarlet says. She’s right. It is violent. She’s put people to sleep here but never has she likely caused more much physical pain, been this mean, pulling back a cord on his neck with all her weight — like she’s in a tug of war and winning, which anyone can always find Scarlet Vice doing in life and locking on submissions. She laughs whipping him with the heavy cord, then full-weight stands his head. One of the best all-around talents anyone has ever seen, 18-year-old Scarlet Vice, almost puts Charles in the hospital here. Time: 17:38



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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Natalya – Breath Controlled by Two Bratty Butts

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Natalya – Breath Controlled by Two Bratty Butts




Alexa and Natalya take turns smothering an old loser on Alexa’s bed with their perfect, perky, butts. The fat loser is in chastity, it’s total torment to have not just one, but two flawless bodies controlling his breath. Natalya pins the loser’s arms while Alexa smothers his face. There is no escaping. The pathetic old man is completely controlled by the young, hot girls. It’s really fun for them to watch him suffer. The bald spot at the top of his head gets red and the veins start to pop out. He’s super pathetic. The loser thanks the Princesses every time they give him a breath. That’s so funny. Only an uber-loser lets himself get bullied by girls. Both Natalya and Alexa take turns smothering and bouncing on his face. Every element of this old loser is completely controlled by Alexa and Natalya. His mind, his money, and now even his breath. (13:24 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Natalya, 18 &19 Years Old, Face Sitting, Ass Smother, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Chastity, Ass Tease



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Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring …

Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring Nikki Next




The great American beauty Nikki Next is deliberate about applying submission holds with perfect form that knock out her opponents. Nikki feels something missing when someone doesn’t go smoothly to sleep from her force. They can tap. But this is Tom and his friend Rico Suave learning from him; and Tom hates tapping like liver). Nikki locks Tom in a side headscissors that returns with her tremendous leg strength his character of the purple-faced monster. Nikki Next’s quadriceps are big. They now swallow heads, and it is all muscle as the fitness girl with the coat-hanger shoulders and ripped arms can do deep damage with her perfect headscissors. She locks them out at her pink shoes and says Tom has his nice purple shade in her infamous reverse headscissors, in which, when before they met here, she put him out so hard his wrists curled and arms stiffened. Here, she puts him out in a RNC … asks if he was dreaming about her. If not he should have been. At 19 — though we keep thinking she’s 20 and her face is frozen at 18 — Nikki Next is hot just tying her shirt up on her waist. She RNC’s him to bed again! Tom is toast and into the young eidolon’s arms goes Rico Suave, who is so overcome by Nikki that he gets himself hurt by running his hands over her legs, asking her “deeper” in a figure four headscissors. He is under the witchy spell that touches those who idolize unusual beauty, which fills any room Nikki walks in. She puts him out in a RNC. Rico pays — and hard — when his enthusiasm turns into him grabbing her ass in a reverse headscissors. Nikki slams her hand down into his balls and puts him to sleep in the hold — like a fucking light. His eyes are like cartoon pupils in the silence. Rico is gone to the world. But Nikki won’t stop. He can’t hear as her legs expand around his neck and head, and then her arms under his chin again as he begs the younger girl for a break. Some of the most dominant action ever by one of the greatest Reality Girls ever as Nikki knocks out an old friend and a new one. Time: 15:37



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Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Slave Licks Combat Boots and Worships Feet

Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Slave Licks Combat Boots and Worships Feet




Bratty 19-year-old Natalya gets her feet worshipped by an old loser. Natalya looks down at the loser while blowing bubbles with her bubblegum. She wears the key to its chastity on her gold anklet. Natalya can make the old loser do anything, especially while he is locked up in chastity. She is getting ready to go over to her boyfriend’s house, but her boots are filthy. She’s going to need her old loser to lick them clean before setting out. She sits on the old loser’s back to put her boots on. They are so dirty! Not for long, though, because Natalya’s loser will lick them clean. They need to shine for her boyfriend. Natalya is very mean to her old loser. He never does a good enough job. Natalya slaps the failure in the face. What part of “get it clean for my boyfriend” does the stupid loser not understand? Shine means shine. The loser doesn’t shine them right at all. Natalya sentences the loser to two more days in chastity, slaps it in the face, and tells it to drive her to her boyfriend’s. The loser does as its bratty young Princess commands. (9:39 long)

Clip contains: Natalya, 18 & 19 Years Old, Foot Worship, Female Domination, Boot Worship, Boot Domination, Brat Girls, Bubblegum Bubbles

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD


Keywords: female domination

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Cindi’s First Whipping

THE MEAN GIRLS – Cindi’s First Whipping




So I just HAD to show my new 18yr old girlfriend Princess Cindi how We REALLY discipline slaves around here at Mean Girl Manor! With BULLWHIPS! LOL. She can’t believe that we can just do this to them whenever we feel like it. I just yank a slave out of its cage by its leash and command it to stand agains the wall- so We can whip and abuse it just for Cindi’s entertainment!

And boy is she entertained! Cindi literally gets down in front of the subhuman piece of ‘s face so she can look into its eyes and drink in all it’s suffering and pain that it is enduring just for her amusement…
-Empress Jennifer

Category: FEMDOM


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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Natalya – 18 Year Old Learns to Manage Aggressions by Ballbusting slav…

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Natalya – 18 Year Old Learns to Manage Aggressions by Ballbusting slaves




Life’s stressful. College tests are hard. Boyfriends can be so stupid. Sometimes it can all just be too much. That’s why everyone needs a way to work through the day’s challenges. Some people knit; some meditate; others go for a walk. 18 year old sorority Princesses bust balls. Ballbusting is a great way for a girl to take out all her frustrations. Boyfriend do something stupid? Bust balls. Hairstylist not give you what you wanted at the salon? Bust balls. Stupid driver make you late? Bust balls. All of life’s little annoyances can be remedied once a girl discovers ballbusting. Amadahy shows her freshman little, Natalya, just how it’s done. Amadahy gets in a few kicks to start, but enthusiastic Natalya is just way too excited for her own turn. As soon as the slave drops she makes it stand right back up so that she can get kicking. It’s Natalya’s very first time Ballbusting and she is such a natural solid kicker. She does a great job channeling all her aggressions straight into the slave’s balls, just like her big taught her. It’s a great bonding experience for a big to teach her little how to ballbust. The sorority sisters have a lot of fun with this activity. They have so much fun, the sisters agree to meet up again after class for another round! This clip includes a highlight from Natalya’s first ever clip, Freshman gets an old Fixer Upper slave as a Campus Welcome Gift . (8:54 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Natalya, 18 & 19 Years Old, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Sorority Sisters

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD


Keywords: sorority sisters

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter




Natalya has taken on a project for her sorority. She plans to enter freshman pledge, Devon, in the intercollegiate fattest sow contest. The blue ribbon goes to the handler of the fattest sow. Natalya really wants that blue ribbon, and she’s going to feed a pledge until she wins it. But she’s having a problem with her sow. It just isn’t eating enough. Natalya scolds Devon, interrogating her as to what she’s consumed for each meal. Devon eats a hamburger while Natalya questions her. She lists off a tremendous list of fattening foods she has eaten, all in just one day. Devon really wants to be included in the sorority and she is working very hard to meet the weight gain goals that Natalya has set forth for her. Devon doesn’t know this; but there is no ‘Fattest Sow’ contest. Natalya is pretending to enter Devon in a contest just to haze her. Natalya loves seeing Devon gain more and more weight, totally ruining any chance Devon would ever have of being accepted into the group of popular, fit, sorority girls. The other sorority sisters think Natalya’s idea is very funny and they all play along with it, pretending that Devon may be accepted into the group if she makes effort to win the fictitious ‘fat sow’ contest. They simultaneously pick on Devon about her weight and encourage her to gain more. Devon takes all this very seriously. She does not know that the contest is fake and that she has no chance of ever being in the sorority. Natalya measures Devon’s growing waist while she eats her hamburger. She isn’t convinced that Devon is making a real effort to gain. Alexa looks on, silent and amused by Natalya’s ruse. Alexa pokes and shakes Devon’s growing belly. Natalya places a cookie in Devon’s empty hand. Devon double palms a burger in one hand and a cookie in another. Alexa produces a jelly donut from a paper bag. She reaches around and holds the donut to Devon’s lips, filling every moment with chewing. Devon now has three hands feeding her. Devon tells Natalya about her trip to the doctor while her mouth is full of food. While being passively stuffed with donut, Devon tells Natalya that her doctor has advised her to watch her weight. Natalya tells Devon that her doctor is stupid, the sorority knows what’s best for her. Sisters look out for each other, if she really wants to fit into the group she’ll stop taking other people’s advice and trust her sisters. Natalya then notices that Devon is still able to wear one of the shirts she came into the sorority with. That’s not good enough. Devon shouldn’t be able to fit any of her old clothes. This is just more evidence that pledge Devon is not trusting her sisters. You can’t fit into the sisterhood without trust! Devon is desperate to fit in. She eats the jelly donut and a cookie from Natalya’s outstretched hand. Devon complains that she’s starting to feel full. Her sisters tell her to eat faster. If she eats fast enough she should be able to consume more. Then, they pull Devon up to examine her body. Devon is not looking like a first-place sow. Natalya reminds Devon that she’s really has got to help the sorority out by being the fattest. She thinks Devon should limit her activity in addition to consuming more. Devon’s only two activities should be sitting on the sorority’s couch in the common room and eating. If she’s not eating; she’s sleeping. All a good sow should do is eat and sleep and lay about. Natalya produces a second quarter pounder for Devon to consume. Devon greedily takes a bite, but seems depressed when Natalya tells her that she’s going to have to eat the whole thing. Devon’s feeling too full already. The feeding is becoming very uncomfortable, but Alexa and Natalya won’t stop. To the second burger Natalya adds some fries. She stuffs fries into Devon’s mouth for her. Devon does love having friends. Devon thanks her new college friends for all their generosity. (9:54 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, 18 & 19 Years Old, Lesbian Domination, Food Stuffing, Feeder Feedee, Gaining Weight, Eating, Food, Sorority Humiliation



Keywords: brat girls

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Brat Princess 2 – Natalia – I Love Soaking my Toes in your Mouth

Brat Princess 2 – Natalia – I Love Soaking my Toes in your Mouth




College has been proving really stressful for freshman, Natalia. She just loves coming home from a long day of classes and soaking her feet in her slave’s mouth. Natalia wears high heels to her classes. They look hot, but they make her feet sore. Natalia tells the slave to take them off. She plays with her hair, twisting it around her fingers, while the slave sucks on her toes. Natalia is very bratty. The slave can never really satisfy her. It is too old and too stupid to ever satisfy a girl so young and pretty. Natalia treats it like garbage because it is garbage. All it’s good for is having a mouth that provides a nice stress relieving soak after class. The slave was recently gifted to Natalia by a Princess who didn’t want it anymore. Along with the slave came the key to its only possession, a chastity device. Now that Natalia holds his key, she explains to it what its life will be like. Natalia goes over her conditions that need to be met in order for the slave to earn its weekly release. She tells the slave a story about how she used and abused a nerd in high school as a cautionary tale. Natalia can be very mean if she is not kept happy. So, the slave better try its very best to please its demanding younger Mistress. Natalia loves being in complete control. She is a true 19 year old brat, fully accustomed to using and abusing beta males for her whims and desires. (7:43 long)

Clip contains: Natalia, 18 & 19 Years Old, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Foot Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD


Keywords: BRAT GIRLS

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Natalia – Freshman gets an old Fixer Upper slave as Welcome Gift




1080 HD: September means back to school! Amadahy is introducing freshman, Natalia, to campus living. She’s showing Natalia around the University, including the Brat Princess sorority house. Natalia’s concerned that college is going to be a lot of work, but Amadahy quickly relieves her apprehension by explaining that in this sorority, slaves do all the work. She shows Natalia one of their foot slaves for example. This particular slave’s too stupid to do any class assignments, but he’s kept because he’s still useful for cleaning feet and heels. He’s been placed on post at a cleaning station in the sorority house. Amadahy invites the freshman to try having her shoes polished. Natalia gets her first shoe worshiping, which she is very happy about, but she is not very satisfied with the performance of the shoe cleaner. Her shoes are filthy and he is doing an unsatisfactory job licking off and swallowing all of the dirt. Amadahy explains to Natalia that she actually hates this slave. His brain’s been played around with a lot, and he now seems too dumb to accomplish even simple tasks. Shoe cleaner was the last post they had been trying him out on, but Amadahy has decided that she doesn’t want him anymore. Amadahy offers Natalia the broken slave as a campus welcome gift. He’s really fat and stupid and a bit of a fixer upper, but he might not be a bad starter slave for Natalia. Natalia is really excited to have her very first own slave. She wants the keys to the slave right away! Amadahy displays the gift. She makes the slave present its chastity. The slave is very humiliated to be owned by a girl half his age and be displayed in front of her. Amadahy teases the slave’s stainless steel chastity. She demonstrates that the slave cannot get an erection. It’s a nice showing of the slave’s few good attributes. Amadahy then presents Natalia the keys on a pretty gold and diamond anklet. They do a key transferring. Amadahy wants it to be special because a girl getting her first slave is something she will want to remember forever. Natalia slaps her new slave in the face a few times, just because she can. She walks around the room, making the old man crawl after her and kiss its key. (11:48 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Natalia, 18 & 19 years old, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Shoe Worship, Chastity, some spit, some face slapping, chastity key kissing, freshman gets her first slave from sorority sister

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD


Keywords: some face slapping, chastity key kissing

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Naomi – Slave Punished for saying No to its New Princess

Nineteen year old Princess Naomi was just given her first slave by Goddess Amadahy. One of the first things the slave did was say no to its new Princess. Dummy! You NEVER say no to Princess! Even if shes a freshman and youre a senior. Amadahy is going to use this infraction as an opportunity to teach Naomi how to beat her slaves to keep them in line. You did this to yourself, Naomi tells it. The Princesses thrash the whimpering slave with large floggers. Amadahy grabs the slaves chastity and balls to hold it in place while Naomi whips it. The Princesses flog the slave together until it is nothing but a crying pile on the floor. The kick the slave while its down before sending it away to do the homework it never should have said no to doing in the first place. (8:06 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Naomi, 18 & 19 Years Old, Female Domination, Flogging, Whipping

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD


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