Goddess Ella Kross – Fat Loser Worships My Shoes While I Insult Him

As this fat, disgusting slave kneels naked before his gorgeous mistress, Imake him worship my feet by licking my new high-heels all over. They`readorned with sharp metal studs, so he needs to be careful or he`ll cuthimself. He also needs to be careful not to touch my black nylons with anypart of his hideous body. His tongue is to touch only my shoes, and as Itower over him I make sure he gets the job done right. “You`re a fatfucking loser!” I scold when he makes the mistake of touching my shoeswith one of his greasy hands. He apologizes while I continue berating himfor being such a pathetic idiot. I slap him across the face, and when Ihave him resume licking my shoes I tease him by moving them just out ofhis reach. The jerk moves his tongue in for a lick but he`s too fat andslow! “I`m going to fuck your mouth,” I say as I grab the back of his headand make him take my heel deep in his mouth. These shoes may be new, buttheir soles are already dirty so I have him tongue them clean beforemaking him lay on the floor jam my heel down his throat. What a fat sackof crap this moron is!


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Goddess Ella Kross – Riding Our Human Horse

Princess Kate is as beautiful as she is funny, and in this video shedecides she`d like to ride my slave as if he were a horse. With the dirtyloser down on all fours, she sits atop his back as he crawls across thefloor with me guiding him by his ponytail. Kate enjoys riding her humansteed while slapping his ass and demanding he make horse noises. “Nay!” hesays before I stifle his voice by making him worship my feet with hismouth. With Kate still seated on his back I shove my feet in his mouth andhave him suck my cute, pedicured toes. How appropriate is it that ourhuman horse has a ponytail? I grab onto it and use it to guide his headwhile he licks our feet, Kate and I both laughing our asses off as hecontinues making horse noises. Kate and I have way too much fun togetherhumiliating slaves!


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FemmeFataleFilms – The Hurting – Part 1 Starring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Pushing the slave to his limits is the order of the day in The Hurting. Not for the squeamish, this movie contains hard action and shows the extreme lengths Mistress Eleise’s slaves will go to, to prove their steadfast devotion.

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FemmeFataleFilms – Mia’s Dirty Little Secret – Part 2 Starring Lady Mia Harrington

Lady Mia has a dirty little secret that is locked away in her bedroom. That ‘secret’ takes the form of an anal gimp slave, who must endure a wealth of punishment and discomfort to make his Mistress smile. With an electrified ball crusher sending waves of agonising shock treatment from his testicles, he must persevere to please her. It’s not long before his cries of agony prompt a wicked smile on Lady Mia’s face and after she plunges her fingers and then an electrified butt plug up his ass, he soon becomes ready for a much bigger anal strap on test.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Fetch and Carry Till You Drop Starring Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy always takes advantage of a beautiful fall day for a relaxing shoulder ride in the country side. Relaxing for her; that is! Soon she has her steed fetching sticks like a dawg, while she rides him on all fours. She dismounts to get her boots mucky in a stream and then orders the ponyboy to lick them clean. And that’s not all! Her 6 foot tall friend Goddess Airen wants to join in, so they command the tired pony carry them both AT THE SAME TIME! He manages for a while, huffing and puffing, until Kandy dismounts and he carries Airen on his shoulders for a considerable distance. Unfortunately, he collapses soon after, and both ladies trample him on the floor, tearing his pants open……Yes, it’s another beautiful day in the countryside!Be sure to check out sexy Mistress Kandy Kink at her Kandy Kink Femdom clips store.Be sure to check out stunning Goddess Airen at her Goddess Airen web site.

Category: PONYPLAY

Keywords: Mistress Kandy, Goddess Airen

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dance Workout on His Face Starring Princess Dakota

This is a delightful video of Princess Dakota dancing on her slave’s face. No verbals, just great shots of her feet mashing his face from different angles and positions as she enjoys herself on a hot summer day.


Keywords: Princess Dakota

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Daddy Licks Armpits and Feet Starring Princess Dakota

Princess Jemma has turned her father into her little bitch who must perform any lowly task she assigns him at the snap of her fingers. Her pits are sweaty, and she’s too comfortable on that couch to get up and take a shower, so Daddy must take care of it! Daddy licks the stink out of her pits, then she instructs him to do the same with her feet. Jemma humiliates him further by telling him to stroke his pathetic dicklet while he services her in this lowly fashion. Naturally, Daddy gets excited by being subjugated in this fashion and before long he dumps a load on her nylon-encased foot. Our Princess completes his degradation by having him lick his own cum off her toes!

Category: TABOO

Keywords: family fantasies, Princess Jemma, jerk off instruction, CEI, JOI

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TheEnglishMansion – Nina’s Maid – Complete Movie Starring Lady Nina Birch

Nina continues the training of her tranny, starting with her cock sucking skills on the big, purple strapon. After a satisfactory job, Nina dresses her in the maid uniform, a great honour that allows her to be in service to Mistress including rubbing and worshipping her beautiful feet. To keep the maid in the right mind set, she is then tied to the bed with used stockings until needed again.

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TheEnglishMansion – Her Chastity Slaves – Part 2 Starring Mistress T & Sub Suzie

Mistress T has her male and female slave locked in chastity and offers one of them a chance to be released if they lick her cunt well and make her cum. The slaves eagerly take to the task performing keenly, one on the pussy, the other sucking her nipples until Mistress decides that Suzie has done he finest job. The women then take turns to tease his chastity cage, the cock expanding through the metal bars, painfully straining as he squeals from the feel of Suzie’s tongue. Mistress T then puts a dildo gag on his face and Suzie fucks it until she reaches a big climax.

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Men Are Slaves – Home Movies, Part 2

This is the second and last part of the Home Movies clip as Belle, Darcie and Rikki continue to use and degrade this male without care. And what’s this, a fourth girl happens to walk down to the basement during filming and asks to watch! She doesn’t participate but she just observes and finds the whole spectacle of male debasement to be quite hilarious.

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