Mistress Ezada Sinn – Hot ice cream teasing. Starring Ezada Sinn, Lilse von Hitte and Evilyne

Another fine morning at the FemDom Summer Camp, relaxing under the early sun with Mistress Lilse and Mistress Evilyne. It’s the sissy’s turn to serve Us this morning, but he seems overwhelmed. Is the sun too hot for him, or are We demanding too much? Or is he maybe too aroused to see Us wearing leather and latex? Probably the latter, judging by the wet stain on his panties. The pathetic sissy’s cock is dripping, even when locked in chastity. I wonder what will happen if all 3 of Us start eating Our ice cream bars, putting Our lips around and sensually licking them in front of him. Can his little chastity cage withstand the pressure of his growing cock? Oh, it surely will, that cock is much too pathetic to pose any real danger. The real question is can the sissy take all this teasing without losing his mind?..

Category: TEASE & DENIAL


Keywords: Ezada Sinn, Lilse von Hitte, Evilyne

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Subby Girls – Kiss My Clit. Starring Belle and Lily

‘Eat my pussy’ is all Belle has to say, and Lily immediately gets to work. She kneels in front of Belle who is now comfortably sprawled on the chaise, and Lily puts her tongue to work making sure Belle is properly pleasured.


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Female Worship – Ass And Pancakes. Starring Madelyn

Madelyn’s man is supposed to be making her pancakes while she has a snooze. But soon she notices him worshipping her thighs with kisses. Ok she knows he can’t resist her body, so she will let him worship her ass for a bit before sending him back to the kitchen.


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House of Sinn – A messy cleaning duty. Starring Goddess Ezada Sinn and Mistress Evilyne

Goddess Ezada’s cleaning slave has done such a poor job of cleaning the play space that he will be thought a lesson to remember for the rest of his pathetic life. Her fiend Cruel English Femdom Mistress Evilyne has some wicked ideas about this interesting task for the naughty filthy pig just waiting to be put into practice. He must clean the floor and eat his dinner from Their shoes and heels, a squashed dinner that is. The sound of crunching and squashing brings fright in his eyes but he will do it, with gusto as is proper for his status of filthy pig, wallowing in his filth, eating from the floor, getting himself as dirty as his status demands. The gift of spit from The Mistresses is a delight for his palate as he cleans everything with his dirty little tongue. The Ladies must be careful not to touch his body, lest They get some of his filth on Their magnificent bodies. Allas, he’s useless at cleaning, food is mere play for his narrow slave mind, that must mean he’ll be sent to the pigsty out back to live among his peers for a month or two. Maybe then he will be able to understand the value of his lesson. A House Of Sinn production#1 in the “FOOD & OBJECT CRUSH” category!



Keywords: Goddess Ezada, Mistress Evilyne, House Of Sinn

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Mandy Flores – 2 Pies in the face : Humiliation : Mandy Flores

~Custom Video~You meet men online from dating websites and pie them in the face for fun. This guy is alot shorter than he lead on and you tease him about his height before making him close his eyes for a special surprise you have. He totally thinks he’s going to get lucky and you let him believe it. The humiliation is going to be so sweet.You walk back in with a with a chocolate cream pie and proceed to load it up with more whip cream. Flirt with the camera a little before you go and smash the guy in the face with the pie. You laugh and point at him and sit down in the chair to admire your work. He begs you for a towel so you go out of the room just to bring in another pie and smash him in the face again.Mandy Flores



Keywords: humor, humiliation, wet, messy, orders, control, embaress, height, hd, mandy flores, MYMANDYGIRL, pie

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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Human Toilet Instructions

720 HD: Mistress Cameron is in love with the human toilets. She has trained Marcelo to be a human toilet and now she uses him whenever she can. In this clip Cameron explains to you how you will be used as human toilet and why this is all you are good for. She tells you what your life will be like as a toilet. She shows how her pussy sits perfectly in a mans mouth. Marcelo was born to be a human toilet. (6:28 long)

Clip contains: Cameron, human toilet fantasy, financial domination, face sitting


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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Slave Used as Sex Toy with Clothes Pins All Over Balls

720 HD: Mistress Cameron is turning into a sadist. It is not enough that her cuck is locked in chastity when he worships her pussy, he will now have clothespins attached to his balls. This will keep him focused on pleasing her pussy. Cameron has the key to his chastity tube attached to her belly ring. The cuck has to see it dangling inches from his face while she grinds on him. The cuck has no choice but to try and please his mistress. Maybe she will take pity on him and let him out. Cameron loves making him lick her pussy after her boyfriend fucks her. She knows how humiliating and degrading it is for a male to lick up after another man’s mess. This clip is hot! Cameron was getting frustrated not being able to reach orgasm. She would get close and then hear her cuck groan and whimper under her. This would break her concentration. She would think of her stupid cuck rather than her hot boyfriend. She tells the cuck she is trying to think of her boyfriend so shut up until she cums. (10:31 long)

Clip contains: Cameron, nude face sitting, grinding, ass worship, pussy worship, chastity teasing, clothes pins on balls, emotional sadism


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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Locks Him Up Wearing a Bikini

720 HD: Enough is enough. Cameron has tried to ignore Marcello’s erections but she cannot tolerate them anymore. Cameron has moved into Marcello’s room and has been enjoying his tongue several times a day. She has also been working on removing his self-esteem by constantly making fun of his penis size. It is so small. Cameron spent the day at the pool and had Marcello rub lotion on her and help her change outfits. These are typical duties for a cuckold. Marcello got an erection! That is gross for Cameron. She had warned him before and now she decides to lock it up. She explains to Marcello that she likes to walk around either naked or in sexy clothes. She can’t have him getting hard every time he sees her. She decides it is time to close the lock. Marcello is nervous about the time he will be kept locked up in it. Cameron explains to Marcello that release from chastity is a privilege not a right and he can expect to be locked up for quite a while. She makes quick work of his small penis and locks it up. The lock is clicked shut and Marcello is shocked at how tight and uncomfortable it is. How will he ever get used to living in chastity? Cameron warns him that complaints about chastity will only be met with more days or punishment weeks. Marcello will have to learn to accept chastity. Satisfied his penis can’t get hard, Cameron decides to let Marcello worship her amazing ass. She ties Marcello’s chastity key to her belly chain and slides down her bikini bottom. Marcello is so frustrated.

Category: CHASTITY

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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – One Piece Suit Smother

720 HD: Cameron loves to grind her sweet pussy in her cucks face. She uses his leash around his chastity device as a motivator for him to serve her. Marcello knows he has to keep quiet and allow Cameron her fun. Mistress Cameron is very greedy when it comes to her orgasms. She only cares about her orgasms. Her cuck is a tool just to get off. (6:04 long)


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Cruel & Unusual FemDom – Michelle’s Pleasure Slave 3: Whipped

Michelle is now going to whip her slave for failing to pleasure her. She already bruised up his cock and not she wants to do the same to his back. Michelle whips her slave while threatening him. “If I wasn’t thinking about using you as a human dildo later, I might have taken all of your skin off” she says about his cock.” Michelle makes the slave suffer with each lash. Then she admires his lashes and with her leather gloved hand, makes him taste her wet pussy.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: Michelle Lacy, femdom, female domination, BDSM, clubdom, corporal, whipping, leather fetish, leather boots, leather

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