VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Amazon Pleasure Box. Starring Goddess Riley Jenner




Amazon Goddess Riley Jenner knows exactly where a man belongs. Trapped in a box like an with only his mouth exposed to be used for her pleasure!



Keywords: riley jenner, gift of pussy

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Enslaved By Mistress Ass. Starring Domina Helena




Domina Helena owns her slave mind, body, and soul… she decides to remind him of his subservient place under her complete ownership by also controlling his life itself–taking away and giving back the very oxygen in his lungs with her perfect round ass and even her leather gloved hands deep down his throat until he gags and wretches. Should he dare struggle too much as his fave is engulfed, airtight, into her superior backside, she has his cock and balls tied tight for her to abuse his senses further and force his submissive mind into complete compliance.
Enjoy this powerful scene of a REAL D/s couple with many more to come!



Keywords: leather, femdom, fetish, humiliation, hand gagging, spitting, smothering, ass, shaking, grinding, helena, female supremacy, ass worship, big butt, slave training

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Brat Princess 2 – Chloe – Dweeb Worships a Cheerleaders Feet




Chloe’s had a rough cheerleading practice. Her feet are very sweaty. Chloe makes nerdy little danni take off her sneakers and smell her socks. Dweeby danni does as he is told by the pretty girl. Chloe makes danni take her socks off and worship her feet. While danni is worshiping Chloe’s feet, Chloe tells him that he is going to be entered in a strap on contest. The contest is something she and some of her friends are doing for fun. Danni does not want to participate. Chloe does not care what danni wants. He is going to have to be a part of the contest anyway. Chloe loves to humiliate the little dweeb. She tells danni that the whole cheer squad is coming over later. He’s going to have to worship the feet of every girl on the squad. Danni tries to complain, but Chloe reminds him that he does not have a choice. (8:01 long)

Clip Contains: Chloe, Foot Worship, Nerd Abuse, Cheerleader, Sock Smelling, Humiliation, Brat Girls, Female Domination



Keywords: foot worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Kendall – Ass Smothers Restrained slave on Bench




Kendall is very sexy in her lingerie. She looks sweet wearing pink lace, but looks can be deceiving. Kendall is very cruel and merciless to her slaves. She sits on her slave’s face on the smother bench. The hard surface insures that the slave cannot wiggle away to catch a breath. Kendall sits with her full weight. She doesn’t go easy. Kendall bounces, wiggles and grinds. The slave is locked up tight in chastity and strapped down. It is not easy for him to breathe. The slave starts to struggle in the restraints, but Kendall is indifferent. The struggle builds as the slave tries to indicate that it needs air. Eventually, the slave goes completely limp. Kendall notices that the slave has stopped struggling. She gets up and finds that he is no longer alert. Kendall is disappointed she has to stop smothering her slave, at least until he wakes back up. (10:52 long)

Clip Contains: Kendall, Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Bondage Male, Chastity, Lingerie



Keywords: female domination

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DomNation – A POLITICIAN UNDER FOOT Starring Mistress Bella Bathory

DomNation – A POLITICIAN UNDER FOOT Starring Mistress Bella Bathory




DomNation proudly introduces a new Mistress to our line up Mistress Bella Bathory. The Mistress is a well established and trained Dominatrix practicing in the LA Area and loves entertaining many different BDSM related fantasies.

You can obtain more information on Mistress Bathory at

When Mistress Bella Bathory encounters this bumbling foot loving politician. She is going to take him for everything that he’s worth. She’s been searching for a way to get exclusive mining rights and it appears that her means of getting it just walking (Or crawled) right into her office

My Hyde a local politician has been resistant to signing some paperwork that is critical Bellas well being. However a friend has explained Mr Hyde’s weakness and Bella takes full advantage.

When she Catches Hyde Maggot crawling on the floor she immediately takes control of the situation. Mr Hyde is a foot loving pervert that needs to get to Mistress Bellas feet! But the only way that he is going to get there by signing her crucial papers! But it goes deeper. Mr Hyde need be punished and the Mistress Bella is more than happy to oblige! “Oh what is this Mr Hyde? Why are you wearing Womans Panties?”



Keywords: female domination, female supremacy, female superiority, spanking, humiliation, verbal humiliation, foot humiliation, foot slave training, foot worship, smoking fetish, bdsm, power exchange, d/s dynamic, d/s relationship

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ClubDom – Handymen Get Handled‏ At ClubDom. Starring Jean Bardot and Kylie Rogue




Mistresses Jean Bardot and Kylie Rouge have hired Lew and Alex, two repairmen to do some odd jobs around the property today. Imagine the shock to the two Doms when one of the repairmen turns out to be a canceling male chauvinist pig. Despite the protests of his partner Alex, Lew can’t shut his mouth and stop letting his male arrogance get him deeper and deeper in trouble. Even worse, after being given direct orders from Miss Bardot not to enter her private dungeon, the brazen idiot marches right in at first opportunity, considering her warnings a joke. Little did these two repairmen know that the joke would be on them. We next find our repairmen in the dungeon, Alex in a dog kennel and loudmouth Lew strapped to a milking bench. Goddess Jean Bardot is furious and decides to remove some of Lew’s testosterone by milking his overactive balls. Both Mistress Kylie and Goddess Jean take turns roughing pulling and milking Lew’s pig stick as he both moans of pleasure and cries in agony. The Goddess’s to not let up for a second, taunting and tormenting the loudmouth caveman as they pull his cum out of his cock and then force him to eat it. Not satisfied, Goddess Jean unleashes fury of kicks to the repairman’s’ balls, leaving him howling like a wounded animal as the Goddess’s move on to repairman Alex. Having been the well behaved one, the Goddesses allow Alex a chance to earn his freedom. If the stud can hold his load and fuck Mistress Kylie and make her cum in under 3 minutes he will be allowed to go free. To drive this point home, Mistress Jean demands Alex deeply inhale the scent of Mistress Kylie womanhood. Driven to please his Masters, Alex fucks the Miss Kylie with all the passion he can muster, finally making her quiver in climax. As Alex withdraws, Goddess Jean realizes that Alex came in his condom as well! Furious, the Doms teabag Alex’s slutty mouth with the filled scumbag, then humiliate him by dumping his filth out on his face and in his mouth. Mistress Jean promises he will be punished for an unauthorized orgasm. We return to find both Goddesses amusing themselves punishing Alex by shocking him with a cattle prod. Alex jumps and flails wildly, not knowing where the next jolt of electricity will come from. Both Ladies laugh and laugh at the spectacle before them, noticing that the repairman is paying close attention to their boots. Taking mercy on the sad little slut, Mistress Kylie Rouge and Jean Bardot allow the worm to lock and kiss their boots. As the boots become shiny through worship, both Dommes notice that Alex is quite turned on by worshipping their boots, and demand he becomes a little boot bumper. Alex eagerly humps away like a bunny, slamming his hips and cock into Mistress Kylie boots until he can’t hold back and explodes all over them. Amused, Goddess Jean demands Alex link up his filth. Mistress Kylie mentions how turned on she is, and Goddess Jean remembers that they still have a loudmouth slave to punish. Nothing makes Mistress Kylie cum like the pain and agony of a slave, and Goddess Jean delivers in spades on the rude and arrogant hide of Lew. A brutal caning leaves the loudmouths ass covered in multicolored welts as tears roll down the pig’s face and his screams fill the air. all this pain and suffering has Miss Kylie on the verge of orgasm, so Goddess Jean switches to a whip to amp up the pain even more. Spine chilling screams echo throughout the club do estate as Lew begs and pleads for mercy while Miss Kyle reaches orgasm due to his pain. To finally drive home the point that men should respect women both Doms Don their 10″ inch strap on cocks and destroy both repairman asses. Both are flipped upside down and InsideOut but neither can escape nor gain any mercy from the monster cocks if Mistress Jean and Kylie. Once completely Fucked, both boys are ordered to clean their asses off the cocks that just pounded their formally virgin holes. Finally satisfied Goddess Jean tells loudmouth Lew to scram, and he quickly runs for his life off property. However, the cure and respectful Alex is offered a spot in the club do stable. (Full HD Movie)

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Subby Hubby – Saving Our Marriage – MiniMovie. Starring Leena Sky




Leena Sky wants to save her marriage with Cameron, but his small penis is totally incapable of satisfying her. After going to the store to buy marital aids she hopes will save their Marriage, Leena has Cameron worship and clean her ass before the next addition to the Marriage, James, comes over. James is a big dicked stud who knows how to fuck women. Cameron has one of the new marital aids, a chastity device, locked on as he has to lick the feet of Leena and James while they fuck. After cleaning up the stud’s cum off his dick and Leena’s pussy, Leena challenges Cameron to a cock sucking competition to see who can make James cum. Not only does Cameron lose, but Leena uses James’s cum as lube when she fucks Cameron in the ass with a double sided dildo, yet another new marital aid! Leena then fucks the other end of the dildo, bending Cameron in half while she greedily pleases herself. Leena then has Cameron suck off James’s cock again while also having to clean his ass juices from the dildo that had been in his ass. As Cameron kneels before Leena and locked in one of her new marital aids she tells him that she does want to save their marriage, so she has gotten another marital aid. Cameron soon finds out what the surprise is – Leena’s new lover, a big dicked stud named James! Cameron tries to protest, but Leena quickly silences him and tells him this is the way it will be from now on. As Leena and James fuck, Cameron is reduced to licking James’s feet clean, much to Leena’s amusement. Leena then orders Cameron to lick James’s cock as they fuck then followed by worshiping Leena’s feet. After James cums all over Leena’s belly, Cameron is commanded to lick up all the cum as Leena enjoys her new cuckold’s humiliating submission to her will. Leena tells Cameron that James’s cock is now a marital aid for them to save their marriage, than challenges Cameron to a contest to see who can make James cum from a blow job. Of course, Leena wins so she reveals Cameron’s punishment. She is going to fuck Cameron’s ass with a double sided dildo, using James’s cum as his ass lube! Leena enjoys roughly fucking Cameron, bent over and helpless as his ass gets pounded. Leena then fucks the other end of the dildo, receiving pleasure while keeping Cameron in pain. After getting her pleasure from the dildo, Leena takes it out of Cameron’s ass and makes him clean his ass juices from it as she laughs at his humiliation. Having won the blowjob contest, Leena wants to make sure that Cameron can also suck James’s dick well enough to make him cum so while she also shoves the double sided dildo up his ass! Just for fun Leena makes Cameron clean his as juices off the dildo while still sucking Jemes’s cock for some double mouth penetration. Leena then has some more fun, ordering James to stand over Cameron while getting his cock sucked, then having Cameron worship and lick James’s balls before James cums all over his face. Leena laughs as she shoves the cum into Cameron’s mouth, telling him that his cum eating will save their marriage, one load at a time. As Leena and James cuddle on the couch, Cameron lies below them worshiping their feet as they kiss. When James has to leave for work, Leena orders Cameron to thank James for fucking his wife properly, With James gone, Leena tells Cameron that she is happy with his progress and is going to take him out of chastity to allow him to fuck. Cameron is excited until Leena tells him there is no way his small penis is going to fuck her – he is going to fuck the space after her big toe! Leena laughs as Cameron grunts away, his tiny penis fucking away at her toe space. When he actually manages to shoot a cum load, Leena orders him to clean it off her toes, then laughs at him for being so pathetic, totally cuckolded by her feet. Leena explains to Cameron that the last step in saving their marriage is his training to serve as her chastised sissy maid. Leena starts his training by making him model his old wig and dress, then takes him into the bathroom to train him how to properly clean her toilet – with his tongue! As her new sissy maid is cleaning her kitchen, Leena tells him that she knows he must be hungry, so she feeds him some puppy food – after all, he is not a husband anymore; he is just a pet for her to train to her liking.

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Subby Hubby – Jerk it to my Hot Body. Starring Marsha May




Goddess Marsha May knows how to drive you wild and bring you right to the edge, She loves teasing you with her sexy curves and her red and black striped stockings she knows you wish you could feel her silky feet wrapped around that pathetic excuse you call a dick, She knows you are stroking that little dicklet with your thumb and forefinger all 2″ inches, She lets you dump your loser goo all over the floor then laughs as she instructs you to eat it. Goddess Marsha May know what a little cock whore you are and how you dream of her filling your man pussy with her huge 15″ inch black cock,wishing she would just bend you over and ram that ass of yours stretching it out filling you up completely, And she knows you like ruff she plans to pound you like the little bitch that you are,Now take your two fingers and jerk that tiny dicklet of yours while you have a huge dildo up your ass, And you even have permission to spill your filth, just as long as you lick it up looser. Goddess Marsha May knows exactly how hot she looks in this bikini. You just keep staring at her hot ass – her perfect breasts – her gorgeous legs – and your dick just keeps getting harder and harder. Luckily for you Marsha is in the mood to see you stroke your dick in admiration of her body. The more she shows off, the harder you get.

Marsha tells you to stroke your dick harder; you are going to cum right into your own hands. Just remember, you cum only when she allows it, and not before. And yes, you will eat every drop of your filth from your own hands as she laughs at how pathetic her beauty makes you feel. Marsha May knows that you spend hours every day staring at her videos and pictures, dreaming of just being in her presence. But the only way Marsha allows small dicked beta men like you to be in her presence is as a chastity slave for her to humiliate and laugh at with her girlfriends! Marsha tells you what your life in chastity will be like: wearing a pink collar, locked in a chastity device, and begging for permission to cum while she teases you mercilessly with her hot body. Marsha then begins pleasuring herself with a vibrator, making you watch helplessly while locked in your cage. But after she cums, Marsha has a surprise for you: she puts the vibrator under your locked up balls until you cum in your chastity cage! Marsha then orders you to scoop up your cum, laughing at the humiliation you will endure just to be around her.

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ClubDom – Dreaming Of Cock. Starring Mena Li and Mistress Rachael

ClubDom – Dreaming Of Cock. Starring Mena Li and Mistress Rachael




Goddess Rachael Madori and Goddess Mena Li finds you on your knees touching that pathetic little dick of yours. As they stroke there 12″ black cocks watching you drool wishing you had one up your tight ass as the other goddess shoves hers so far down your throat you can barely breathe. “Go on stroke that 2 inch dick of yours, but you better not cum till we give you permission”. As they stroke their cocks in front of your face they start to count down 5,4,3,2,1 “now release your disgusting filth”. Goddess Rachael looks down at you and commands you to clean up your disgusting juices off her floor with your tongue and you better not leave one drop left.

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