SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Sadistic Boots. Starring Mistress Ella

#1 CLIP in category WHIPPING!All of Mistress Ella’s slaves know: If the Mistress is dressed like this in skin tight black leather, she is in the mood for a hard punishment. But if she also wears these shiny and dominant boots, one of the slaves will be in real trouble. Everytime the mean lady wears this boots, she is in the mood to make a slave suffer.That’s why the slaves gave these boots a special name: The Sadistic Boots. Only the hard clicking sound on the floor will make you shiver. These boots are feared by all slaves and Ella knows that. Wearing the boots give her so much power. And the short black bullwhip in her hands speaks books.Well, this strong slave will go through a very hard whipping. The painful whip bits into his back again and again and the more he moans in pain, the more pleasure Ella gets. That’s why she is dressed like this and that’s why he exists: For her private pleasure and enjoying herself in these boots.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: Ella Kros

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THE MEAN GIRLS – High Heels Tease Your Cage. Starring Queen Kasey

get this clip for less money click here High Heels Tease Your Cage (1080 HD)My slave is not allowed to have any sexual satisfaction of any kind! He is allowed however to feel my high heels digging into his caged dicklette. After he puts my sexy shoes back on I put him in position for my next task. I give my new slave (in training) a chastity inspection and a brief interview on how long he should be locked up for. Hes one of these self-locking freaks thats begging me to keep him under LOCK AND KEY. I dont even know if Ill even accept his key first, Ill have to see if he is worthy of that HONOR. I then poke and stab his exposed ball with my sharp STILETTO HEELS. Its the only part of his genitals exposed so you know Im going to torture the fuck out of them. I just have this gut feeling he wants to give me more money so I press him both literally and mentally with my sexy high heels shoes to his nuts, that should make him pay up. He is turning into quite the pathetic obedient slave I want him to be, LOL. Queen Kasey



Keywords: Queen Kasey

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Sadistic New Society. Starring Princess Beverly

***This was a custom clip from a member of our website*** Background: Shortly after the election of Hillary Clinton, the United States has now become a female-dominated society and all men at the age of 18 have to become slaves to whatever woman they are assigned to. But before they are given away into slavery, they have to be sent to an educational institute for compulsory training to turn them into the best slave possible for whatever woman they will be given to. The Mean Girl Manor is one of these institutes. Poor performance reported from the female trainers during its training will result in lifelong imprisonment by law! Scenario: This particular male was sent to the mean girl manor for his compulsory training. Unfortunately, he is still un-accepting of his lowly status and had the audacity to complain about the new “male slavery” laws in the United States and what “that bitch Hillary” has done to all males in the USA. Well this is obviously not tolerated at Mean Girl Manor and warrants a severe and sadistic punishment! The slave is made to kneel outside on hard concrete under the blistering hot sun. In addition, he is made to hold a heavy sand bag above his head while kneeling, with both his arms fully raised to support the sand bag. In this painful position, he is going to receive 200 lashes from his beautiful but power-hungry & cruel female trainer, Princess Beverly. (She LOVES the new laws against males!) This is a horrible punishment, as the slave is suffering is 3 ways: his knees hurting from prolonged kneeling; his arms tiring from holding the sandbag above his head; and finally pain from the whip. The princess is in a sadistic mood today (after the slave complained), and decided that every time the slave fails to maintain the proper position (failing to kneel upright due to painful knees or failing to keep his tiring arms fully raised), she will restart the whip-count to ZERO. Throughout the punishment, she will taunt/threaten the slave that she has the authority to send him to lifelong imprisonment if she is not happy with his performance. The slave will be exhausted and broken by the end of his ordeal and will be begging for mercy!! At the end, the princess decides to grant mercy- with a cruel twist of course. She will stop whipping the slave after 199 lashes, and casually relax in the shade while sipping champagne- but she just keeps the slave in this horrible uncomfortable position and he has to WAIT in agony for his last & final lashing! (But at least she isn’t beating him at the moment, right? So “kind” of her…) She will enjoy the slave’s predicament, knowing full well that eventually the slave will succumb to they’ve sandbag’s weight and will drop it due to exhaustion…and the whipping count will start at ZERO again! How the slave will have wished he wasn’t rude in the first place…



Keywords: Princess Beverly

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Pre Party Caning. Starring Chanel

#1 CLIP in category CANING!Every weekend, when Chanel is ready to leave the mansion for party and night clubbing, the young and dominant lady does the same ritual: A hard caning to her private slave.Already dressed very bitchy in a short and skin tight black dress, her thigh high leather boots and long leather gloves, she looks at her slave. The strong and brave boy is already chained to the wall. He knows that his cruel owner will caned him until she is excited enough to leave the house.She will tell him, that his ass needs a red color but that’s not the reason for this caning. It’s simply her sadistic pleasure…

Category: CANING


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Brat Princess 2 – Edyn – Princess Licks Ice Cream slave Licks Pussy and Ass

1080 HD: Edyn relaxes and enjoys an ice cream while her slave worships her pussy. He seems to be taking a long time and Edyn wonders if the slave is enjoying itself too much. She checks its chastity to see if it is distracted and dripping pre cum. Edyn needs the slave to hurry up and do its job. She wont leave the house until she has been worshiped clean and Edyn refuses to allow a slave to make her late for her plans. Edyn puts her leg up on the dresser so that the slave can clean her ass. The slave cleans Edyn until she is finished with him. She pushes the slave away when she is done and goes about the rest of her day. (7:28 long)

Clip contains: Edyn Blair, Female Domination, Pussy Worship, Ass Worship, Chastity



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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Violent Whipping By Ezada. Starring Mistress Ezada Sinn

This clip starts where the previous clip ends. Mistress Ezada is going to put the announced whipping into action. With a mean smile she walks around her two slaves, her brown bull whip in her hand already. She decides to start with the old slave whose back already looks terrible from earlier whippings. He has no power anymore to resist, he takes the whipping like a broken man does. Ezada loves that but then she walks around and teases the young and strong slave before she starts the whipping. Her face speaks books, she will whip him very hard. And indeed, she doubles the power of her lashes. The slave screams and jumps around the post to protect his backside but he has no chance. The cruel beauty is so perfect with that painful whip. Even he jumps around she the whip exactly bites into his back wherever she wants. Needless to say how much she enjoys to make two slaves suffer from her whip…

Category: WHIPPING


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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Ass Slammed

I want my slave’s fuckhole stretched out even farther so its time for a cock upgrade! The Man-O-War just isn’t big enough for this chastity slut slave anymore so I string his legs up and fuck his unlucky ass with a fat 13″ strap-on dildo, abusing his balls and locked-up cock in the process.When I finish destroying his asshole, I fuck his face with my dirty cock, gagging him, forcing it and my entire hand down his throat.xoxo, Cybill Troy

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: bdsm, atm, fetish, latex, rubber, boots, catsuit, corset, gloves, sucking, pegging, huge cock, cybil, bondage, v8

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Flip Flop Stomp and Trample. Starring Mistresses Kandy and Airen

Mistresses Kandy and Airen are comfortable in their flip flops and have locked their slave into a trample box. His arms are isolated to the side, so this habitually “grabby” slave cannot use his hands to defend himself from trampling feet. First, the prisoner is made to lick the bottoms of the ladies’ es footwear, then Kandy steps up on his midriff and marches in place. To stifle his moans and groans, Airen clamps her foot on his mouth. The ladies take turns switching positions, and eventually both are trampling him simultaneously; Airen on the legs and Kandy on the stomach. They make sure not to neglect his balls either, and apply heavy pressure there as well! Kandy cannot resist throwing in a few jumps on his chest. The clip ends with Airen walking on his thighs while Kandy sits on his face. Who needs to hear a slave complaining when one is having fun? Be sure to check out sexy Mistress Kandy Kink at her Kandy Kink Femdom clips store.Be sure to check out stunning Airen at her Goddess Airen web site.



Keywords: Mistress Kandy, Goddess Airen

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GloveMansion – Leather loving girlfriends part 2. Starring Lexie and Liza

Lexie and Liza sure love to play with each other and their long leather gloves, they even incorporate their boots in the fun. Watch how these sexy gloved babes get each other off with their beautiful leather gloves.

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Brat Princess 2 – Kenzie POV – You Will Become My Cum Covered Slut

1080 HD: Sluts get facials. Whores get drenched in cum. Kenzie will turn you into her cum covered slut. Who better to learn from than a porn star? Kenzie uses a dildo to demonstrate as she shows you how to become the cum covered whore youve always dreamed of being. (11:01 long) Clip contains: Kenzie Taylor, POV, Female Domination, Slut Training, Jerk Off Instruction, Cum Countdown, Facial

Category: FEMDOM POV


Keywords: Slut Training

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