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FemmeFataleFilms – Dishonesty Disciplined – Part 4. Starring Mistress Serena

FemmeFataleFilms – Dishonesty Disciplined – Part 4. Starring Mistress Serena




A moment of weakness in the slave’s devotion to Mistress Serena has led to this. Mistress Serena demands that all her fortunate stable slaves are honest and up front in their conduct and should any waiver from this, the punishment is strict, hard and could lead to expulsion. Luckily for him, the slave is spared the latter, but he must pay for his failings with the form of punishment he truly hates. A real scene, based on real events and with really hard action!

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Asian Cruelty – EMBRACE THE AGONY OF MY SINGLE TAIL WHIP! Starring Mistress Luc…

Asian Cruelty – EMBRACE THE AGONY OF MY SINGLE TAIL WHIP! Starring Mistress Lucy Khan




Today I have a special treat in store for my new pain slut! My splendid Gold and Black single tail whip. Its Cruel and Sadistic by design, its only purpose is to cause immense pain and it’s very effective at achieving the desired results

My slave is captive. Helpless, his hands bound tightly overhead and his entire body spread before me like a fine feast at a sadists ball. My mouth waters at the mere sight of this helpless gourmet, a useless male presentation to quench my ruthless hunger! My whip knows its purpose and finds its proposed targets with ease. Its extreme efficiency is witnessed in the trembling and fear upon my slaves face. I swing my whip, almost effortlessly yet it’s every strike is profoundly noted in my slaves whimpers and gasps, the small beads of bloood appearing upon his welted flesh attest to the commanding performance of my Sadistic mind and the instruments of which I wish to wield against all penis bearing males!

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: mistress lucy khan, single tail, leather whip, female domination, asian goddess, asian princess, asian mistress, female supremacy, humiliation, bondage, bdsm, beatdown, torment, ethnic, whipping

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Asian Cruelty – A SADISTIC INTRODUCTION TO MY CANE. Starring Mistress Mara Julianne




I have been running my newest slave through the rigors of belonging to me. He’s starting to understand that he’s no longer human to me. He’s just a responsive punching bag filled with emotions that he best keep to himself. That is, if he knows what’s good for him.

I have my putrid little pet strung up, he openly displays his misery which somehow soothes me. I almost wish that I could frame his agony and hang it on my bedroom wall, something that could always bring a smile to my lips. I have just finished off his pathetic little penis. Now I’m going to focus on his hind quarters with a painful and brutal rattan cane. I love the lines that it leaves upon the sides of his legs as it wraps itself around him. His twisting motions as he attempts to elude that, that cannot be made illusive. The pain that I pour upon him is heard in his grunts and groans, the Whistling of my cane as it slices through the air before reaping destruction upon his flesh, rows of welts develop to mark what is MINE and I like it.

Category: CANING


Keywords: bdsm, whipping, domination, female superiority, cbt, beatdowns, cane, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, mistress mara julianne, humiliation, asian goddess, slave training, female supremacy

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Tickle Invasion – Tickling Joules. Starring Mistress Maya Sinstress

Tickle Invasion – Tickling Joules. Starring Mistress Maya Sinstress




A very reluctant Joules has agreed to be ticked by Maya Sinstress. She is very uncomfortable as Maya ties her up. Sinstress starts off by tickling her feet lightly and then really hard. by Cute squirms and tries to get away. The tickling is unbearable for her. Maya stuffs her mouth with a dirty sock when she becomes too vocal. You will love this clip!



Keywords: by cute, maya sinstress, sole tickling, extremely ticklish

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SADISTIC VIXEN – TORN By The Cane. Starring Goddess Deanna




This bitch has no idea what he is in for. Goddess Deanna is in a delightfully vicious mood. She lays into him with her cane, instantly tearing his flesh and bringing his submission to the surface. This doesn’t slow down Deanna’s strokes, she is determined to break this bitch and show him who is boss.

Category: CANING

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Men Are Slaves – Her Thighs Are Worth It. Starring Lady Edyn

Men Are Slaves – Her Thighs Are Worth It. Starring Lady Edyn




One of the reasons Lady Edyn is so easily able to enslave men is that she has that perfect blend of feminine curves with a very fit physique. Her thighs in particular tend to gather many stray eyes from nearby men, so if this male wants permission to kiss them he will have to earn it with his pain.

Category: FEMDOM

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DomNation – DROP THE GIMP! Starring Goddess Tangent

DomNation – DROP THE GIMP! Starring Goddess Tangent




Utilizing a severe and extremely painful snakewhip, Goddess Tangent torments her bound and helpless gimp with a relentless thrashing that leaves her slave screaming in agony. The interesting (and humorous) thing about this particular slave, is that when Goddess pushes him to the brink, he blacks out and drops full weight.

Luckily, his Goddess was considerate and thoughtful enough to suspend his wrists above his head on a heavy duty winch. So when he drops, he just hangs there until Tangent revives his limp body and gets him back on his feet for more of the same. This cruel Goddess plays a wicked game dropping her gimp at her discretion, picking him up, and then dropping him again, again and again, and so on. What fun for Goddess Tangent! For her gimp, not so much!



Keywords: goddess tangent, bdsm, single tail whip, female domination, corporal punishment, humiliation, leather, bondage, submissive slave training, whipping, femdom

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ClubDom – Getting Whipped Into Shape. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent

ClubDom – Getting Whipped Into Shape. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent




Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent caught on of their ungrateful slaves trying to run away. They need to remind him why he shouldn’t try to leave, as they tie him up and use him as a whipping post. Goddess Dahlia Rain starts whipping his pale white back with her long black whip while he cries out in pain at the burning sensation. Misstress Tangent is more offended that her slave would try to escape, and is more harsh with her whipping, leaving long red marks on his back from her whipping. No one escapes Club Dom, and this pathetic ungrateful slave must be reminded of that. His suffering is music to the Goddess’s ears.

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ClubDom – Caning An Ungrateful Slave. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent

ClubDom – Caning An Ungrateful Slave. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent




Dommes Dahlia Rain n Mis-Tangent bring their ungrateful slave into the dungeon where they`re going to cane his pathetic pale ass. They`ve him tied down in position giving Dommes Dahlia Rain and Mis-Tangent full access to cane anywhere they want on his pathetic ass. Mis-Tangent wants to make his sorry slave ass pay for trying to escape from the Goddess’s care and attention. They leave deep dark purple marks on his ass so that whenever he sits down for the next month, he`ll be reminded of Dommes Dahlia Rain and Mis-Tangent, and all they do for him.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ClubDom, Dahlia Rain, Mistress Tangent, Mis-Tangent, Mistress, Tangent, Dual Domination, Boots, Double Domination, Caning, Bondage Male, Bondage, Canes, Cane, Canning

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Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Courtney´s Berlin Slave

Kinky Mistresses – Mistress Courtney´s Berlin Slave




Mistress Courtney in Berlin: In the world famous dungeon “AVALON” she was filmed while she had a session with her CP slave. And he did take a lot of torture!

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