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Men Are Slaves – Piggy Wants Out Of Chastity, Part 2. Starring Princess Leya

Men Are Slaves – Piggy Wants Out Of Chastity, Part 2. Starring Princess Leya




Sure this slave paid Princess Leya a sizeable amount of his paycheck to be released from his chastity confinement. But does that mean she will free him? Well no, why should she? She has his money already and she still holds the key. Maybe he can earn his way to cock freedom if he can continue to please his princess.

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Today i will not try a just a new dressage whip, but i will put the word “end” to the gelousy of this slut that will be treat like a mare.i will break her bad behaviour (her nature riot) until she will be helpless, tied to the paddok she will have to turn around ready to do my order. But i will complicate the exercize riding her back, and she will have to take care i will not falling down!

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Men Are Slaves – Piggy Wants Out Of Chastity, Part 1. Starring Princess Leya

Men Are Slaves – Piggy Wants Out Of Chastity, Part 1. Starring Princess Leya




Princess Leya loves to show off her loser slaves. Like this pig, a financial slave that she keeps in chastity while she goes out on dates that he pays for. That’s his life now, to be humiliated and financially drained without pity on a regular basis. Princess Leya may look soft and cute but she is ruthless with her male slaves, humiliating and rinsing their wallets without pity. So if this slave expects to be let out of chastity, it will cost him dearly.


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THE MEAN GIRLS – Your Last Orgasm. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Your Last Orgasm. Starring Princess Carmela




Princess Carmela walks over to the house slave sitting in its cage and teases it. She asks it if it would like to be let out of its cage. (It has been left in there for days by one of the other Mean Girls) She offers to let it out, but first it needs to put its ass up to the edge of the cage so she can inject the slave with a special serum. She just laughs as she does it but she doesn’t tell the slave what it is.

Then after administration of the mystery serum, she drags the slave out of its cage by its leash over to the new “slave milking machine”. She makes the slave insert its cock into the machine and laughs about how this is the closest thing a stupid slave will ever get to having sex with her. Because only her BF gets HER pussy! Oh, and that serum that she injected it with? Once the slave is good and “warmed up” by the machine, Carmela gets in its face and seductively lets it know that it was a “last orgasm” serum! Basically, the next orgasm he has will be his LAST. He will collapse and DYE within 3 minutes of his next orgasm! After telling him this and laughing in his face, the slave spends the rest of video BEGGING Princess Carmela not to make him cum!!! (While Princess Carmela just laughs and uses the remote control to toy with the speed of the machine..)

After awhile the slave cant take it anymore and screams out that he is cumming!! Princess pulls the machine away as the slave is cumming (RUINING his last orgasm EVER- so he can’t even ENJOY it!) and then gets even MORE sadistic pleasure by telling it that the only “antidote” for the injection is to humiliate himself further by LICKING UP HIS OWN CUM! (Which will just entertain her even further…) She then laughs while he laps away at the floor at her feet by filling him in on one more little surprise…



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Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer – Danni Visits his Chastity and Human Toilet Coach

Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer – Danni Visits his Chastity and Human Toilet Coach




Danni is a male new to chastity. It has been a very long six weeks in chastity for Danni. Danni has been visiting a chastity coach to help in the transition from a free male to a chastised male. In this bi weekly meeting, Jennifer’s assistant Lola first instructs Danni to remove his clothes. He is 5 minutes late for his appointment! Lola tells him that he will probably get more time in chastity for being tardy. Lola then brings chastity coach Jennifer in for the examination. She begins with some basic questions for Danni.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being not very frustrated and 10 being very sexually frustrated how do you feel?

Have you experienced lots of pain or a dull aching in your testicles?

Are you still getting morning erections or do you try to get morning erections?

Lola is making size measurements of his testicles and noting their color. Lola reports to Jennifer that they are looking great and they are right in specification. She would expect them to swell some more until they are very big. The male complains that the tube is too tight. The girls investigate his complains but find it is without merit. The tube is actually too small and it will be tightened. Danni has it explained to him that the rigor of chastity makes it easier for his Princess to manipulate and control him. The girls than explain to Danni that his owner is worried that he will soon run out of money. Jennifer decides to introduce Danni to being a human toilet. Lola notes that most toilet slaves at the house are 300 to 350 pounds! She measures his stomach and thinks he will not have much capacity. Jennifer just says he will just have to be trained harder.

This clip has a very objectifying, subtle clinical tone to it. It is very humiliating for the naked male. For the male who dreams of being in or actually is in chastity this is a great video to watch. You can play along with the video and answer Jennifer’s chastity examination questions. (8:25 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Lola, Danni, chastity, chastity humiliation, human toilet discussion, CFNM, male objectification

Category: CHASTITY

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Raw eggs for cum bucket training

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Raw eggs for cum bucket training




I have decided that the next step in My slave’s training is towards becoming a cum bucket. I’m not sure he likes the idea, he looks kind of morbid. Does it seem disgusting for him? But that’s just relative, I’m sure he’ll learn to like, or even to love it. Because it’s for My pleasure. And it’s not going to be that difficult, because I will train him. First, he has to overcome the disgust, and the subsequent gag reflex, of having cum in his mouth. Because he is going to have lots of, and it’s better for him if he gets used to it. For this, I am going to fill his mouth with raw eggs, I heard they create a similar feeling in the mouth as cum. Not that I’d now, I’ve never tried either of them, ew! So today I’m going to use raw eggs to train him, I’m going to fill his mouth with raw egg, like it will be soon filled with cum, to the brim and over. I will make him a good cum bucket!
Video quality: HD 1280*720.



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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Sex Slave Training-Part 1

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Sex Slave Training-Part 1




Part 1 is a complete scene, different from Part 2. You can enjoy Part 1 completely on its own. Sex training & orgasm control for a hot, younger slave who struggles with cumming too quickly. Sensually Dominant FemDom sex.

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TheEnglishMansion – Inverted Double Service. Starring Mistress Amrita and Mistr…

TheEnglishMansion – Inverted Double Service. Starring Mistress Amrita and Mistress Sidonia




Mistresses Sidonia and Amrita have their slave suspended and tied in rope, exposed to the beautiful leather clad women. They rope up his hard cock and use pegs for CBT, the precum dripping out as he is swung by his balls. As a reward for his suffering the vibrating wand is brought out and used to edge his cock until he can hold back no longer and shoots his big load.

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Men Are Slaves – You’ll Always Be The Cuck, Part 2. Starring Madame Xavialune

Men Are Slaves – You’ll Always Be The Cuck, Part 2. Starring Madame Xavialune




This slave knows his old life is no more. Now he is nothing but a cuck, a male for Madame Xavialune to use as she sees fit while she goes out and enjoys other men. He is relegated to wearing the panties she provides while accepting her whip, a fate which he happily accepts as her cuck.

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Tiffani – Lets Finish this nerd Cuck off Financia…

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Tiffani – Lets Finish this nerd Cuck off Financially




Roberts time is almost up. The day that all wallet slaves dread but know will arrive someday. The wallet is having a harder time meeting the girl’s greedy demands financially. Slave Robert has so much debt load that he is having a hard time taking care of his obligations to Tiffani, her sister, Christina, Amadahy, Emily, etc. The girls have done a lot of damage to him already but still want to extract every nickel from him that they can. They are greedy and Tiffani really does not like Robert at all. She would love to watch her boyfriend pound the out of him despite all the money she has extracted from him. The cuck is forced to wear his humiliation headphones which blast insults directly into his brain. This allows the girls to talk about him right in front of his face without him being able to hear what they plan to do to him. The idiot sits there while the girl’s plan his ruin and he can’t hear a thing! The girls then pull out some soiled panties and make him smell and lick them. Tiffani insists they stuff all the crotches of the panties in to the slave’s mouth at once. Tiffani has decided it is time to ‘finish’ him off financially. Tiffani wants to plan a huge wallet gang bang at the mall with her sister and friends. They will lead him from store to store and have him open new credit cards that they will then max out. The next day they plan a garage sale over at his house. Amadahy even has a pricing machine! They are going to sell everything in his house for pennies on the dollar. Robert is so sad but the damage from the recording s has taken a toll on his ability to defend himself. Tiffani is really frustrated with Robert. She has no pity for him at all. Amadahy tries to talk her out of it but in the end they both agree it is for the best. Robert has all of his senses filled. Its ears hear the insults he knows are true. Its tongue can taste her boyfriend’s cum on her panties. Its nose can smell her dirty panties. Its eyes can see hot girls make fun of him right to his face. The chastity tube completes the scene. The viewer of this video will be stunned by the girl’s cruelty. They get out camera phones and take pictures of Robert with the panties in its mouth. This is how all wallet slaves should end up.

In this version you can hear the hypo audio that Robert had to listen to in this video at the end. While the audio is playing you can see highlights from about a hundred Brat Princess clips. This audio is extremely dark and humiliating. It should be listened to daily to help you become a better wallet. The audio is meant to remove your self-esteem so that you understand your position in society and what pretty girls really think of you. The audio also has binaural training music to help the take hold in your brain. The audio will give your brain the quick rinse it needs and deserves. It really works! (12:25 long)

Clip contains: Extreme financial domination, wallet gang bang plans, brain cleaning and rinsing, brutal mean girl behavior, dirty panties being licked clean, chastity, dirty panties being stuffed into cucks mouth, sensory overload domination of cuck in order to plan his financial ruin, audio with video to remove self-esteem to facilitate wallet gang bangs with mean girls.


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