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Brat Princess 2 – Mia and Vienna – Boyfriend Trainer Councils a Young Couple (Part 2)

Brat Princess 2 – Mia and Vienna – Boyfriend Trainer Councils a Young Couple (Part 2)




1080 HD Miles is now fully entranced. As soon as Miles is under, Vienna starts implanting suggestions into Miles’ subconscious. She begins the self-esteem removal by reminding Miles that he is a loser and underserving of his girlfriend. She also begins programming him to want to spend more money on Mia. He is reminded that his penis is too small, and that women only want him for his money. Mia starts adding in her own suggestions. She wants him to give her everything that was once his. Vienna suggests that Mia implant a trigger phrase. Every time Mia says the phrase, Miles will immediately fall back into an entranced state. Mia chooses the phrase, “But I want it.” Now, every time Miles tries to say no, Mia can say the phrase “But I want it,” and Miles will immediately fall back into entrancement and do or buy whatever his girlfriend wants. Next item on the agenda, the women need to get this small dicked loser into chastity. Mia implants the suggestion that Miles wants Mia to be his keyholder. Then, when the women have made all the changes to Miles’ brain that they want to for now, they bring him up from his altered mental state. With Miles fully alert, the women tell Miles that he will be going into chastity. At first, Miles is resistant to the idea, but Mia snaps her fingers and gives the phrase “But I want it!” Miles immediately falls back into entrancement and complies with girlfriend’s wishes. Right away, he’s fitted into a chastity device and within minutes Mia is holding his key, just like she wanted. She wants Miles to take her shopping for some new jewelry, so that she can wear the key to his chastity on her body at all times, now that she is his keyholder. (12:45 long)

Clip Contains: Mia, Miles Striker, Vienna, Female Domination, Mind Fuck, Mental Domination, Financial Domination, Chastity



Keywords: mind fuck

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Brat Princess 2 – Mia and Vienna – Boyfriend Trainer Councils a Young Couple (Part 1)

Brat Princess 2 – Mia and Vienna – Boyfriend Trainer Councils a Young Couple (Part 1)




Mia’s having problems with her boyfriend, Miles. She takes Miles to Vienna, a relationship councilor. Vienna asks Mia to explain the problems in the relationship. Mia rattles off a long list of complaints. She feels that if a guy like Miles wants to be with her, he’s really going to need to step it up. He needs to provide for her everything she wants because that’s what she deserves, and what good boyfriends do. Vienna completely agrees with Mia. She feels that the issues are stemming from a breakdown in communication. So, she teaches the couple some new communication techniques. Vienna encourages Mia to give Miles a good slap across the face whenever she feels like his behavior needs correcting. Face slapping is an excellent communication technique, it really lets the boyfriend know that you are upset with it. It doesn’t have to think, or ponder your words. A good slap in the face lets it intuitively know that it’s done something bad. After a few trial slaps, Mia thinks the counseling’s going great! She feels a lot better when she hits Miles in the face. Mia has another problem, though. Miles talks out of turn. Vienna has a solution. She instructs Mia to place bandages over Miles mouth to keep him from yammering on. The point of the bandages is not to physically keep Miles from talking (obviously, he could just take them off) the point is instead to remind Miles not to talk. Techniques like this will help train Miles to be silent and obedient. Vienna asks Mia if there are any other problems with Miles. Mia tells Vienna that Miles’ penis is way, way too small to please her. Vienna has Miles remove his clothes, so that she can examine his penis. It’s so small! The women make a few jokes about the size. Vienna admits, there isn’t much to be done about a small penis. The only thing you can do is just lock the male in chastity and avoid the penis altogether. Vienna sends Miles into a separate room so that the women can speak candidly about him. Mia tells Vienna privately that she wants to entrance Miles under the guise of a smoking cessation session. She’s taken Miles to a trained practitioner because she wants Vienna to remove all Miles’ self-esteem while he’s under. Her aspiration for her boyfriend is to turn him into a completely obedient pay pig. Miles has a lot of money. Mia wants to be able to drain Miles of his finances and move onto the next loser as soon as possible. Vienna thinks that with regular counselling and entrancement sessions, they should be able to fully rinse him within just a few months. The women call Miles back into the room. They tell Miles it’s time to begin his smoking cessation therapy. Vienna begins the induction. (13:32 long)

Clip Contains: Mia, Miles Striker, Vienna, Female Domination, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck, Financial Domination, Small Penis Humiliation, Face Slapping



Keywords: mental domination

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BITCH WORLD FEMDOM – Sidonia’s Pet Plaything. Starring Mistress Sidonia

BITCH WORLD FEMDOM – Sidonia’s Pet Plaything. Starring Mistress Sidonia




Mistress Sidonia is showing off another of her amazing creative bondage playthings. She has made a new pet for herself, arms and legs tied together, eyes covered, helpless and reliant on Mistress’ every command. She plays some ingenious games, attaching bells to the pet’s nipples and dangling cock and challenging them to move across the room without making any sounds, the punishment a harsh ass whipping. To complete her pet creation a large butt plug tail is inserted in to her new toy’s asshole and a humbler to further inhibit the pet’s movements.

Category: PET PLAY


Keywords: femdom

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All of my friends affectionately call me Black Widow due my great capacity to seduce men bringing them slowly and brutally to a cruel fate. Exactly what happened to this bank manager I met last night in a trendy place of my city. Businessmen become so naive in front of a beautiful woman, and is very easy bringing them to a point of no return. When he offered me a drink I poured into his glass of wine a powerful drug to stun him. Completely dazzled by my beauty this stupid did not noticed anything. When I realized drug was starting to cause its effects I caught him in my dungeon. And of course I had already prepared every instrument to immobilize my potential victim of the evening. When I go hunting for businessmen I like to arrange and premeditate everything in great detail; that’s excite me terribly. Completely immobilized he is within my power. But I need his credit card code to get all his money, and to let give it to me I need to make him conscious, ending drug effect gave him before. So I dispense him an antidote which will make him conscious in few minutes and once locked in the cage he will no other chance to give me his own soul !!! P.S. This bank manager was wearing a mask before being filmed with the camera in order to preserve his privacy. But that’s simply because after having emptied him properly, threatened and blackmailed he will have to keep working for me !!! hahahahhahaha



Keywords: mistress iside, domina iside, bad world, creual domination, mail, mistress sadica, bdsm, extreme minds, female domination, slave, female supremacy, cruel mistress, video, www.

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DOMA SMTV! Fetishes from Amsterdam – A Cock as burning candle

DOMA SMTV! Fetishes from Amsterdam – A Cock as burning candle




This MIstress pours loads of hot wax over the cock and puts a fuse in the pisshole. Then….. SHE LIGHTS IT!! Cock on fire? The guy is helpless against the orders of his Mistress. His cock is toast!! Greasy Toast.

Category: WAX PLAY


Keywords: domatv, smtv, candlewax, wax play, domina, mistress, fireplay, cock abuse, ball abuse, beating, mistress, slave, hot cock, cock tease, whipping

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Men Are Slaves – Branding Her Slave. Starring Princess Leya

Men Are Slaves – Branding Her Slave. Starring Princess Leya




Princess Leya has slaves willing to go the extra mile to please her in any way she sees fit. This particular slave is one that she has been financially draining for some time and now she decides it’s time to brand him as her personal property while she and Goddess Karley watch. Now he is marked for life and will have that tattoo as a reminder that he is no longer a free man.

Category: FEMDOM

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FemmeFataleFilms – Leg Fucker. Starring Victoria Valente

FemmeFataleFilms – Leg Fucker. Starring Victoria Valente




Lady Valente has a new toy in her inescapable stocks and whilst her slave is immobilised, she teases him with her sweaty feet, enveloped by fully fashioned stockings. She smothers his face with both feet n gives him occasional relief by allowing him to slide his cock between her calves. She mixes up the pleasure and pain by crushing, kicking and slapping his balls, after all. a slave can’t have too much pleasure!

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ClubDom – Serve Your Purpose. Starring Nina Dolci

ClubDom – Serve Your Purpose. Starring Nina Dolci




Description: Miss Nina Dolci will give her chained up slave a purpose. She starts stroking his hard cock so she can show him the one thing that he could be good for. Miss Nina Dolci wants to make his cock squirt, and taunts him to try to get loose from his restraints. She stradles his hard cock and glides her wet pussy up and down his shaft, commanding him to keep his cock hard so he can serve his purpose. Miss Nina Dolci slides his hard cock in her Goddess pussy, and demands her slave fuck her, to serve his master. When he fills her pussy with filth without permission, Miss Nina Dolci rubs his disgusting filth in his mouth, forcing him to eat it.’

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