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Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring …

Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring Nikki Next




The great American beauty Nikki Next is deliberate about applying submission holds with perfect form that knock out her opponents. Nikki feels something missing when someone doesn’t go smoothly to sleep from her force. They can tap. But this is Tom and his friend Rico Suave learning from him; and Tom hates tapping like liver). Nikki locks Tom in a side headscissors that returns with her tremendous leg strength his character of the purple-faced monster. Nikki Next’s quadriceps are big. They now swallow heads, and it is all muscle as the fitness girl with the coat-hanger shoulders and ripped arms can do deep damage with her perfect headscissors. She locks them out at her pink shoes and says Tom has his nice purple shade in her infamous reverse headscissors, in which, when before they met here, she put him out so hard his wrists curled and arms stiffened. Here, she puts him out in a RNC … asks if he was dreaming about her. If not he should have been. At 19 — though we keep thinking she’s 20 and her face is frozen at 18 — Nikki Next is hot just tying her shirt up on her waist. She RNC’s him to bed again! Tom is toast and into the young eidolon’s arms goes Rico Suave, who is so overcome by Nikki that he gets himself hurt by running his hands over her legs, asking her “deeper” in a figure four headscissors. He is under the witchy spell that touches those who idolize unusual beauty, which fills any room Nikki walks in. She puts him out in a RNC. Rico pays — and hard — when his enthusiasm turns into him grabbing her ass in a reverse headscissors. Nikki slams her hand down into his balls and puts him to sleep in the hold — like a fucking light. His eyes are like cartoon pupils in the silence. Rico is gone to the world. But Nikki won’t stop. He can’t hear as her legs expand around his neck and head, and then her arms under his chin again as he begs the younger girl for a break. Some of the most dominant action ever by one of the greatest Reality Girls ever as Nikki knocks out an old friend and a new one. Time: 15:37



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SubbyHubby – Small Penis Humiliation with Presley P2. Starring Presley Carter

SubbyHubby – Small Penis Humiliation with Presley P2. Starring Presley Carter




Description: After Presley Carter has her feet properly worshiped, she needs to make sure that her subby hubby’s chastity device is still in place. Presley then teases his pathetic small cock by licking his chastity device and blowing air through it. Presley then allows her subby to watch her use a vibrator and lick her wetness off of it.

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Reality Girls Scissors – Jolene in Tap Or

Reality Girls Scissors – Jolene in Tap Or




Superstar Jolene tortures Rob here, putting him at her feet, making him panic in her overpowering headscissors, straight headscissors, then her brutal figure-four. She laughs at him tapping in another straight headscissors. Jolene smiles. “I wonder if I can read and choke you at the same time,” she says and starts playing a torturous game of making him tap before reading one sentence from a travel guide, smiling her bright-white model smile down at the guy she has suffering in her legs. “You’re distracting me,” she tells him of his taps. “Turn around so I can see your face,” she says and locks on a straight headscissors that almost breaks his jaw as he taps. “One sentence! Why the fuck can’t you lat one sentence?” She knows why. Jolene’s straight headscissors is among the most powerful anywhere and his neck might snap if he makes it to the end of her long sentence. She reads with one hand and draws him up in a rear naked choke with the other. “I’m so excited I could just squeeze you ,” she tells him before putting him in her favorite foot choke – a two-heel standing choke. “Tap or …,” she says as he hangs on and turns purple. Jolene is a tall powerhouse with long, strong legs and a big prescence. A seated double heel choke preceeds a brutal string of her feared figure fours, rolling his neck over and over, locking on another straight headscissors, then making him beg in more figure fours. Another cruel standing double heel choke before she gets behind him and almost puts him out in a rear naked choke, laughing at him as her smile shines and her abs flex. A guillotine into a reverse headscissors. She hurts his throat by sliding her entire body weight across it with her heels then says “Hold your breath” when he begs her to breathe. She has him quickly begging again in a deep reverse headscissors, his face in her perfect ass. Then a violent standing reverse headscissors puts him fast to sleep in her glutes. After holding onto him then laughing at him when he wakes, she lets him pick the last thing she does to him; and his day ends looking up into the intense eyes of the tall, powerful grappler as she takes his air away with one hand. Time: 18:51



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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Harley Vs Batman

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – Harley Vs Batman




Enjoy the action packed Complete version of Harley vs. Batman. Harley Quinn has captured the batman, leaving him weak and powerless. She announces live on TV to the world she has built 2 websites that you can donate to. One to keep batman alive and well the other to him live on TV! She wants to give the audience a real show, so she unshackles Batman and orders him to fight her! He tries but is no match for Harley in his weaken state, She enjoys all the fun of beating him up till he is almost comatose. Now what to do with him while she’s waiting for the numbers to add up…. She notices the bat cock and decides what a good idea it would be to drain Batman of his cum before she drains him of his life! She gives him a super sloppy BJ before sucking him dry and swallowing all his batcum down. She checks the totals and it doesn’t look so good for the batman but shes nowhere near done having fun with him. Its time to fuck his mouth and tight little batcunt with her huge strap-on. She makes him choke on her dick before spraying cum all over his face! She flips him around in doggy to give him a hard anal pounding. He begs for mercy but she just laughs maniacally saying don’t beg me for mercy, beg Gotham! She fucks his tight asshole until one last donation comes in from Wonder Woman, was it enough to tip the scales in his favor? Does the batman live? will he be able to survive being smothered under Harley’s booty while being in pussy squirt?



Keywords: batman, harley quinn, beatdown, eli hunter, savannah fox, super hero, femdom, scissoring, wrestling, big booty, bush, squirting, humiliation, smothering, strong woman

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Reality Girls Scissors – Pocahontas Punishes Thin Man. Starring Pocahontas Jone…

Reality Girls Scissors – Pocahontas Punishes Thin Man. Starring Pocahontas Jones




Elite pretty girl Pocahontas Jones has a way of walking at her prey, confident, cocky, that seems to inform them they are in for pain, as here with Thin man, whose back she leaps on and locks on her perfect rear naked choke that soon has him on his knees as she stands behind him, pulling up and squeezing. She locks him in an eye-popping half nelson/half rear naked that looks in a race to either put him out or rip up his shoulder. Poca is brutally strong and as much as any Reality Girl loves hurting people. It seems she’s even hotter than when we saw her more often but she was insanely pretty then too. A bodyscissors, a crucifix she learned from the great Andi Page seeing it once. They are both machines learning holds. A reverse figure four headscissors makes him howl in pain as she twists the hold, trying to hurt his neck. A full nelson applied with her legs, a brutal camel clutch. She makes his jaw go “Pop!” in The Pocahontas — a hold she invented. She sits on his chest and headscissors him, looking down at him in the pain she caused. her long and beautiful legs are so strong they could pull his neck off the bone in the figure-four she locks on. A wrap-around shin choke turns him deep purple — a bodyscissors, another rear naked — Poca is so skilled, has such length and power, Thin Man has no chance. Time: 16:35



Keywords: scissorhold

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Scissor Punishment Recorded on Hidden Camera

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Scissor Punishment Recorded on Hidden Camera




Amadahy discovers a slave reclining in her bed! What is wrong with it? Why would it do that? Amadahy catches the slave as it tries to flee and locks its head between her powerful thighs. Clearly this thing is desperate for attention. Why else would it have crawled up from the basement? Well, attention it gets. Amadahy threatens to pop the disobedient slaves head clean off. She squeezes its head between her thighs again and again. Im sorry, it gasps. Amadahy doesnt care about a slaves apology. Besides, now shes having so much fun punishing it. Amadahy wants to make the slave pass out. The slave wanted to sleep in Amadahys bed and sleep is what hell get! She puts the slave to sleep with her thighs. The slave snores. It wakes up. Amadahy puts it back to sleep. The slave wakes up again. She sits on its face. Amadahy bounces. She puts the slave in a triangle choke. Amadahy makes the slave thank her for giving it attention. She tells it to wash the sheets. Theres no way shes sleeping in its slave germs after its been on her bed. (9:44 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Scissorhold, Facesitting, wrestling



Keywords: amadahy

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Hidden Camera Captures Scissor slaves submission

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Hidden Camera Captures Scissor slaves submission




Amadahy had noticed a slave staring at her hot spandex leggings. She decides to give the slave a good close look. Amadahy invites the slave into her bedroom. A hidden camera captures the brutal scissoring that follows. Amadahy wraps her legs around the slaves neck. The slave struggles. It taps out. Amadahy sits on the slaves face and smothers it. Please dont me, the slave begs. Amadahy squeezes the slave very hard. She notices the slaves eyes are starting to become bloodshot. Amadahy wants to see the slave pass out. Please, please, it begs. I can do whatever I want in my bed. Amadahy tells the slave. She bounces on the slaves face. Amadahy scissors it again and again. She reveals to the slave that its been on a hidden camera. She knows that the slave wanted to sleep with her, and thats why it followed her into the bedroom. Well, its going to sleep, but not in the way it had hoped to. Please let me go! it cries. No, youre going to get choked out now, Amadahy says. The slave is obviously stupid. But, Amadahy thinks it will make the perfect house slave. You dont have to be smart to be Princess gym equipment. Amadahy proclaims the slave, officially her bitch, and shes gotten some good clip footage too! (18:22 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Scissorhold, spandex, facesitting, wrestling, ass smother



Keywords: amadahy

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Polishing The Latex Princess. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Polishing The Latex Princess. Starring Princess Carmela




My new lover is a real FREAK. We’re going out to some kinky club in my custom latex dress. It fits me like a glove, and I’m ready for a wild night with my wild alpha lover. Of course I want to look my best, and latex doesn’t shine itself. My fat chastity slave wants me but knows he’ll never have me, I like teasing his hungry hands with my gorgeous body encased in this see-through skin tight dress.

His hands spread lube everywhere. As I smoke my cigarette he lubes my beautiful breasts, and my perfect ass. His hands follow where I tell them to follow and I love the look of my body as I start to sparkle in the sun.You won’t believe how this CLINGS TO MY EVERY CURVE. I look so hot in this little latex dress that I make my cuck-slave melt to his knees. I wonder what it will do to my latex loving date.

Princess Carmela



Keywords: princess carmela

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Noe – Double Scissor Workout

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Noe – Double Scissor Workout




Princesses Amadahy and Noe are going to work out. Today, theyre focusing on leg strength. Their living gym equipment is ready for use. Amadahy and Noe scissor the equipments neck between their powerful thighs. The gym equipment gets very red in the face. It struggles to stay awake. Amadahy and Noe double scissor. Amadahy squeezes its neck between her legs while Noe forms a seal with her ass over its airway. Both girls take turns. They scissor it again and again. After several scissor reps, Noe decides to take a rest on its face. Her beautiful ass restricts its breathing. Amadahy takes a turn next. She rests her full weight on the slaves face. Amadahy pulls her legs up behind her and forcefully smothers it. The gym equipment flails a lot at first, but eventually becomes limp. (10:53 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Noe, Female Domination, Scissorhold, Double Scissor, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Ass Bouncing



Keywords: amadahy, noe, double scissor, ass bouncing

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Brat Princess 2 – Kendall and Sara – Scissoring Lesson

Brat Princess 2 – Kendall and Sara – Scissoring Lesson




Kendall teaches Sara how to scissor a slave. Kendall demonstrates by wrapping her thighs around her slaves neck and squeezing. The slaves face turns red almost immediately. Sara loves listening to the pain noises the slave makes. Sara wants to give the scissorhold a try. Kendall helps Sara get in the right position. Sara squeezes the slaves neck between her legs. She loves that she can break him with just her thighs. Kendall demonstrates a second position for Sara, now that shes mastered the first. Sara tries the second scissorhold position. The slave makes some more pain noises. They decide to sit on the slaves face and smother him. The slave is smothered in Kendalls bubble butt. Sara and Kendall double facesit the slave at the same time. The girls laugh as the slave struggles to breathe. Kendall scissors the slave while Sara sits on his face. Kendall demonstrates how the scissorhold can be not only a useful skill, but also and excellent form of exercise. Kendall gets tired from her workout and rests by sitting on the slaves face. Kendall bounces on the slaves face to control its breathing. When the lesson is finished, they leave the slave on the bench. (14:30 long)

Clip contains: Kendall, Sara Luvv, Brat Girls, Scissorhold, Face Sitting, Ass Smother, Ass Bouncing



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