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Brat Princess 2 – Edyn – Slave Cleans Ass after a Trip to the Bathroom

Brat Princess 2 – Edyn – Slave Cleans Ass after a Trip to the Bathroom




Edyn finishes in the bathroom. She enters the bedroom and starts to put on her lip gloss. A slave’s gotta do what a slave’s gotta do. It’s been preprogrammed to crawl to Edyn and lick her clean after every flush. Like a Pavlovian subject, it hears a sound and knows it’s meaning. Flush means lick. This slave hates this part of its job. It tries to avoid the dirty work by kissing Edyn’s plump butt cheeks. She gets stern with the slave, “Clean it,” she says. The slave gets to work. He’s still licking too gingerly, though. It’s his job to really get in there. No Princess wants to leave the house without a clean bottom. Edyn focuses on getting her lip gloss just right for all the hot guys that’ll be at the club tonight. Edyn takes the slaves head and really shoves it in there. It’s got to be clean. And he’s got to suck on the thong, too. Can’t have a clean behind with dirty panties. Edyn really admires herself in the mirror. She’s going to totally command the club with her makeup so on point. Her rear better be as on point as her front, because she’s totally bringing someone hot home from the club with her tonight. Edyn inspects her bottom. She feels clean enough to go to the club without panties! Then, she inspects the slave’s chastity. The chastity looks nice and secure. She’ll have no worries about him getting out while she’s dancing the night away with someone else. (6:54 long)

Clip contains: Edyn Blair, Female Domination, Ass Licking, Ass Worship, Thong Sucking, Chastity



Keywords: Thong Sucking

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