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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Today is Just an Edging Session

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Today is Just an Edging Session




Charlotte lets her dummy out of chastity every so often. She wants her dummy to hurry up and jerk it fast, so she can get on with her day. Charlotte’s dummy wants to cum, but he isn’t allowed to. Today is just a quick edging. She tells the dummy to kiss her ass and shoes. Charlotte’s dummy is very pathetic. He jerks it only when and how Charlotte tells him to. She wants him to jerk fast, so that he can get to the edge quick. She doesn’t want to spend her whole day with a loser. Charlotte needs to supervise it while it’s out of chastity to make sure that it doesn’t cum. Every time it gets too close to going over the edge, Charlotte yells at it to stop jerking. The dummy begs its Princess to be allowed to cum. Charlotte loves to hear the groveling, but would never give a loser something just because it begged. Once the dummy gets to the edge, Charlotte makes it maintain the edge while kissing her perfect ass. If the loser cums, it will be punished. It struggles to maintain its edge without going over. It gets increasingly pathetic, desperate for an orgasm. Charlotte gets tired of hearing the whining. She puts him right back in chastity and goes on with her day. (8:21 long)

Clip Contains: Charlotte Cross, Female Domination, Chastity, Edging, Masturbation Humiliation, Ass Kissing, Groveling, Shoe Kissing, Jerk Off Instruction



Keywords: edging, ass kissing, begging, groveling, shoe kissing

File Name : Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Today is Just an Edging Session
Runtime : 00:08:21
File Size : 618 MB
Resolution : 1920×1080



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