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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Fucked in the Toilet

When my slave hasn’t cleaned my bathroom to my specifications, I take away his toilet brush and, after shoving it up his ass, push his head into the toilet for him to lick the bowl clean.While he tongue-cleans my toilet, I fuck his ass with my giant strapon cock, forcing his face into the toilet water between flushes, ramming all 11″ of my cock into him.Humiliated and sore, he won’t be making that mistake again.xoxo, Cybill Troy

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: bdsm, fetish, feminization, chastity, drowning, barefoot, bathroom, dildo, fucking, sucking, humiliation, domestic, mistress, cybil, punishment

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Ball Busting Chicks – Rapture – Only 5 minutes

5 minutes can be very long when a cruel and lustful Mistress holds your ball sack in a firm grip and dont let go. Coming from her daily workout and wearing only a crotchless catsuit she squeeze his nuts like hell while showing her breasts and naked crotch. This is also a test if he his man enough to endure extreme pain in the testicles, just for her amusement! She also talks about her workout, flexing her muscles and shows how much she likes to t*rture weak male body parts…make him scream and beg for mercy – especially when she starts to twist them – but won’t let go of him. Then after 5 minutes she surprised him by doing it a few minutes longer and even harder…

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TheEnglishMansion – Rope Tied & Fucked – Part 2 Starring Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Sidonia secures her personal slave in tight roped chair bondage. She teases and bites his hard, frustrated cock before riding it to orgasm. The slave is then tipped over so Mistress can use his mouth and tongue to clean her cunt and give more pleasure, his lucky reward is an amazing handjob.

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TheEnglishMansion – Inflation Masturbation – Part 1 Starring Miss Vivienne lAmour

Vivienne is dressed in her stunning red latex catsuit, her slave is encased in the rubber inflatable body bag, with just his head and cock exposed. She uses his mouth for worship and loves to tease and edge his cock, using her hand and various milking machines and vibrators until he is begging to be allowed to cum, which she eventually allows.

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TheEnglishMansion – Endless Cock Torment – Part 4 Starring Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Sidonia has her slave mummified to the bondage board, legs spread revealing his hard cock ready for today’s torment. Mistress ropes his member up and gives it a firm whipping to get the endorphins flowing through the slaves brain, then uses sharp pegs around his foreskin and elastic bands to get his cock super turgid. She plays with his urethra and continues the cock whipping as she gushes in excitement at the prolonged torment he is taking for her.

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Syren Productions – Caning The Locksmith Starring Deanna Storm

Deanna Storm hired a locksmith to do some work for her around her dungeon but not only was he late completing the work, but she also caught him making extra keys. Deanna straps him down to her bench and gives him the caning of his life. She dishes out hundreds of full force strokes with no mercy.

Category: CANING


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THIS CLIP RAISED #1 POSITION IN PONYPLAY CATEGORY! CUSTOM REQUEST – ”The video begins with Mistress Gaia who is coming back from a party and want to have a little fun with her slave and her female slave. She climbs on her slave’s and in this position and they go around the room for a minute, in the classic pony play position. But almost immediately she stops the ride because she isn’t satisfied, and wants to bring the pony to his limit, so she orders him to do some push-ups with her sitting on his back. At this point the Mistress rises and drinks a cocktail, she watches the slave and then looks at the female slave and says she wants to bring the pony to the limit and see if he can make happy his Mistress. Mistress Gaia mounts her horse and also invites her female slave to go up with her, they slowly raise their boots and at this point order to the slave to approach the stairs, she orders him to put his hands on the first step and do some push ups with arms. Then she orders him to get up, but keeping in horizontal position, in this way they can remain seated on him. Very nice would be that Mistress Gaia was sitting almost next to the slave’s neck. Mistress Gaia carries out the exercise up to bring down the pony. Clothes I want in this video are similar to the ones used in the video Mistress Gaia – Trains Her Human Pony … that leather boots, and leather or latex clothes …” Don’t forget to visit my website Mistress Gaia.

QUESTO VIDEO HA RAGGIUNTO LA PRIMA POSIZIONE NELLA CATEGORIA PONYPLAY! VIDEO RICHIESTA – ”Il video inizia con Mistress Gaia che rientra da una serata e ha voglia di divertirsi un po’ con il suo schiavo e la sua schiava. Sale sulla schiena del suo schiavo e si fa portare per un minuto in giro per la stanza, nella posizione classica del pony play a quattro zampe. Ma interrompe quasi subito la cavalcata in quanto non la soddisfa molto quella posizione, ed essendo una giornata in cui si sente particolarmente esigente, vuole portare il pony al limite dello sforzo e cosi’ gli ordina di fare alcune flessioni con lei seduta sulla schiena. A questo punto la Mistress si alza e si versa un cocktail, guarda lo schiavo e poi guarda la schiava e dice di voler portare il pony al limite delle sue forze e vedere se riesce a far contenta la Sua Padrona. Mistress Gaia sale a cavallo ed invita anche la sua schiava a salire insieme a lei, alzano lentamente gli stivali da terra e a questo punto ordina al pony di avvicinarsi alla scala, gli ordina di poggiare le mani sul primo gradino e fare dei piegamenti con le braccia, poi non contenta gli ordina di alzarsi ma tenendo la schiena orizzontale e le mani sulla scala in maniera tale da far restare sedute la Mistress e la schiava. Molto bello sarebbe che Mistress Gaia fosse seduta quasi in prossimita’ del collo dello schiavo. Mistress Gaia porta avanti l’esercizio fino a far crollare il pony. L’abbigliamento che vorrei sarebbe simile a quello utilizzato nel video Mistress Gaia – Trains Her Human Pony … cioe’ stivali in pelle con il tacco, abbigliamento in pelle o latex…” E non scordarti di visitare il mio sito Mistress Gaia.

Category: PONYPLAY

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Merciless Dominas – Lucky Luke Starring Miss L

Monsieur Luke applied as a filming slave saying that he was not so much into pain, but rather humiliation and softer domination. Miss L however did not really care about that as she wanted to do some caning and release some anger. Guess who was the lucky victim… of course Monsieur Luke that did not like pain. Miss L gives slave Luke an experience of his life and we where all quite surprised that Luke actually took quite a lot before Miss L finally let him free. Maybe you are the next slave to be caned by Miss L? If you are seriously into caning please send us an email and get yourself a filming experience!

Category: CANING


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Merciless Dominas – It Hurts Starring Goddess Sophia

As one of the slaves shooting with us once said first time he was whipped with one of our single tail whips – It Hurts. And hell yes, it does hurt! Specially when someone like Goddess Sophia are to issue the strokes. Some Mistresses just hits harder than others… Goddess Sophia is just a little more merciless than many of the other Mistresses. As our trampling slave Peter Presley said she simply do not care. That is why she is dangerous and that is why we really love her.

Category: WHIPPING


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Mandy Flores – Ballbusting My blackmail slave ray with MANDY FLORES

This was a custom request from the video auction I ran before the weekend with my slave ray. I dont think I’ve seen you punishing a slave before! I have a custom request for a ballbusting video, where you knee, slap, kick his nude balls while you’re wearing a sexy slutty minidress with high heels and hearing you verbally abuse him and laugh at his pain. If you do more videos, hopefully you will do one reaming his ass with a huge strapon. I understand that you cant do it too aggressively! I’ll just be happy seeing you do anything like that at all. Yes verbally abuse him and I would prefer if he didn’t say much during the video…just the noise of pain you cause him. But yeah have him nude, well at least nude balls. If you can mix it up with your ballbusting it would be cool some kicks, some knees, some slaps, some flicks with your fingers. It would be kind of fun if you made him jerk off and you tell him you are gonna torture him until he cums and then you make him eat it! That part is of course not necessary as I dont know how much you will have to have him perform during his days with you.My first ever ballbusting session!! This was like the most fun EVER!! I had no idea how much fun ballbusting for real would be!! You can really tell how much fun I was having. I had told him that for $100, he could cum on my foot and lick it off. So, the question is, after Id kicked him and kneed him in the balls, used my crop on his cock and balls, and slapped him over and over, was he able to cum? Mandy Flores




Keywords: mandy, flores, MANDY FLORES, ball, busting, smashing, squishing, domination, femdom, stomping, goddess, worship, HD

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