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Mistress_Trish – Ridiculously Hard Face Slapping

Mistress_Trish – Ridiculously Hard Face Slapping




Mistress Trish warms up slave m with nonstop face slaps, left and right, with the slaps getting steadily harder. Already the slave’s face is red and warm, and Trish has barely started. “Ready for more?” the Mistress purrs, and She adds dozens of stiff, cruel face slaps that ring as they hit the slave. Trish admires the warmth of slave m’s purple-red face, and She adds some more slaps to the left side of his face to even out the warmth from Her attack, ending with a surprise vicious slap to the right cheek. After some more right cheek slaps, Mistress Trish then alternates powerful face slaps to the left and right, purring from the beautiful sound Her perfect blows create. The slave doubles over in pain while Trish laughs. The Mistress then attacks the slave with fast, hard slaps that end with a savage full-force slap to each side. Trish then unleashes a vicious series of swift, powerful slaps until the slave sinks down in agony. Mistress Trish ends the scene with brutal slaps to the left and right side of slave m’s face, and admires the deep warmth that comes off his face from the beating She has inflicted.



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Doom Maidens Wrestling – Smoked by the Boss Lady. Female Domination Scenario. VeVe Lane and Hanz

Doom Maidens Wrestling – Smoked by the Boss Lady. Female Domination Scenario. VeVe Lane and Hanz




VeVe Lane plays a wicked corporate boss lady who enjoys nothing more than firing random menial employees. Just because she feels like it. And not only does she delight in the look of surprise and dejection on their faces when she personally delivers the termination notice, but she especially loves personally ruining bodies along with careers…

Our scenario here opens with the sadistic Ms. Lane reclining casually in her office, bragging on the phone about the last poor sap she just fired. After savoring the recounting, she decides to indulge again, and she places a call for Peter to come meet her in the stockroom… Courteous and earnest, Peter (played by Hanz Vanderkill) meets Ms. Lane in the stockroom without delay. Standing casually in her tall stiletto boots, tights pants, and blouse, with cigarette in hand, mean Ms. Lane fires poor Peter right on the spot. Aghast, Peter stumbles for words, but Ms. Lane simply smirks. The real fun has yet to begin.

Casually cruel and smoking her cigarette throughout, Ms. Lane takes her time in physically dismantling Peter. Once she’s begun breaking his body, she strips off her blouse as the action gets more delectable. She pulls his hair, throat lifts him against the wall, threatens him with her stiletto heel on his throat, burns his neck, and tortures him with a crushing bodyscissors — all while continually belittling him, laughing at his plight, and elegantly smoking her cigarette. And for her grand finale, she grabs his throat and bodyscissors him harder until his every option evaporates. Satisfied and having gotten her fix, Ms. Lane heads back to business as usual. Until the urge strikes her again…

Resolution: 1920×1080. 5 mbps. VeVe wears thigh high leather stiletto boots, “wet look” high-waist leggings, bra, blouse. Blouse removed early in action. Emphasis on cigarette constantly lit and present, Boss Lady smoking casually.



Keywords: veve lane, hanz vanderkill, casual cruelty, verbal humiliation, female executive, menacing woman, evil woman

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House of Sinn – A pitiful excuse for a slave. Starring Mistress Lilse von Hitte

House of Sinn – A pitiful excuse for a slave. Starring Mistress Lilse von Hitte




Why is it so many male creatures think they can actually become personal slaves? Mistress Lilse von Hitte is kind enough to give him a chance for the tryouts but what seems like a chance can easily become just an opportunity for extreme humiliation, especially since her friend Lady Yna told Her the loser is useless, only fit for some fun at his expense… Seeing that just a few tasks leave him breathless and shaking, the cruel Mistress decides pain will be his chance to actually become one of Her slaves… So don’t miss the next episode of his slave tryouts with the sadistic Lady to see if he can actually impress Her enough to accept him in the life of Female Supremacy or be sent home as the tub of lard that he is…

A House Of Sinn production



Keywords: mistress lilse von hitte, house of sinn

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EMPRESS TALES MEDIA – A taste of My Nasty Canes

EMPRESS TALES MEDIA – A taste of My Nasty Canes




Starring MISTRESS ANITA DIVINA: Hard caning, Corporal punishment, Bastinado, Bondage, Humiliation…

Category: CANING

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Whipping Blue

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Whipping Blue




In a tight leather hobble skirt and long leather gloves, Cybill has her slave hanging and hooded. She builds him up from light flicks of her single tail whip to a rapid, painful lashing.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: femdom, fetish, hooded slave, slave training, leather gloves, single tail, mistress, marks, hobble skirt, bullwhip, tattoos, whipped, suspension, lashing, high heels

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – They Will All Hear You Cum. Starring Cheyenne Jewel

Goddess Alexandra Snow – They Will All Hear You Cum. Starring Cheyenne Jewel




I’ve got Cheyenne Jewel with me in my fabulous suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. My balcony overlooks the Strip, and I decide that would be the perfect place to fuck Cheyenne. First, she needs a little warmup. Submissive Cheyenne is more than a little nervous at the prospect of being fucked in front of so many people. I’m going to prepare her pussy with my fingers, and then we’re going to take the party outside.

I’m going to prepare her pussy with my fingers, and then we’re going to take the party outside.



Keywords: girl-girl

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Reality Girls Scissors – Bully’s Headscissors Knockout: 1080 HD Knockout. Starring Andi Page

Reality Girls Scissors – Bully’s Headscissors Knockout: 1080 HD Knockout. Starring Andi Page




Superstar Andi Page takes Thin Man to the mat in a headlock takedown, telling him “that’s why you’re not good.” She gets on a more dangerous reverse headlock, telling him “she’ll let him out “if you can get out.” Andi is such a badass. Her powerhouse thighs crank out straight headscissors. He screams and taps in the legs of the girl he fears more than any he faces. A baseball choke — first used here by Electra, one of the brightest stars and most incredible people we’ve ever worked with. Andi makes every hold brutally painful. She drags him by the neck and locks on her infamous rear naked choke. A seated figure four headscissors — then a traditional figure four headscissors. A facesit by one of the best. Maria still talks about the day here Andi facesat her for what seemed forever but not long enough. A violet side headscissors taking the length of a couch, a heel to the balls and turns the move into lunges. But soon, he’s in terror — in Andi’s side/throatscissors and is knocked out with a blast of her incredible legs. She talks for a few precious moments about her life of knockouts. She’s a doll. More straight headscissors — a reverse headlock — violent rear naked chokes. A bow and arrow. He screams. She is “circling you like a shark.” She gets him in a more reptilian hold, the rear naked choke that she refuses to release through his tapping until she decides she’s ready. Time: 18:17



Keywords: scissorhold

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Mistress_Trish – The Greedy Sadist Wants It All

Mistress_Trish – The Greedy Sadist Wants It All




Mistress Trish is in the mood for some “electrics” and, concurrently, to completely fuck slave fluffykins in every which way. She secures two conductive bands tightly onto his skin–one on his cock and one on his balls–and then slides a thick metal butt plug into his ass. Wasting little time she turns the dial up so that the slave starts to feel the pulsating electricity in all three tender places. The bands around his cock and balls are contracting and pulsating in a sharply painful way while the butt plug slides stimulatingly, uncomfortably in and out of his newbie ass. The combination of these sensations quickly overwhelms the slave as his body contracts with pain every time Trish inches the dial up higher. Being that Trish is the ultimate sadist she laughs as she body literally jolts in pain and gives him another twist of the dial. By the time Trish has the electrics up nearly as high as she desires she has to hold the jumping slave down using her muscular leg to pin his writhing body in place as she turns the dials again to maximize the electric sensations and sufferings that he is experiencing. She finally offers him a teeny bit of mercy–of sorts. She’ll give him a bit of a break from the electrics so that she can begin to fuck his ass with her big, thick cock. Of course she intend on turning the electrics back on on his cock and balls so that she can again fuck him painfully in every way. First, though, she wants to really take advantage of his newbie ass by fucking it hard and fast. The greedy sadist truly does want it all as she wastes no time fucking him intensely, aggressively from the get go. She laughs that she should probably give him some time to get used to it and then proceeds as before fucking him good and hard. After pounding his tight hole for a bit she decides that it’s time to add some electrics to his cock and balls. She turns the dial high up which makes the poor slave literally jump and recoil from the pain. So much so that he pushes her cock out. Trish laughs cruelly at how much agony she is able to cause so simply by a turn of the dial and then shoves her big cock back into his ass once again. She fucks him nicely with a low pulse of electricity going through his cock and balls but as soon as she gets greedy and turn the dial up far again the poor slave’s body literally recoils from the pain and jumps. Trish flips him over so that he cannot no matter what escape her big dick fucking him hard and her desire to completely fuck him over with the agony of her electrical cbt. Sure enough the greedy sadist gets what she wants. With the slave pinned in this position she is free to fuck his body in every which direction as aggressively as she desires. She thoroughly enjoys paining all of his most sensitive bits as she fucks his ass nice and hard, the pulse of the electricity making his ass hole contract around her cock. Finally satiated, after causing the slave a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort Trish leans in and praises him for taking it like a champ before she slides her big dick out and relieves his intense electric cbt suffering. (Also available in two parts)


Related Categories: ELECTRIC PLAY, CBT, STRAP-ON

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Mistress_Trish – So Much Pain And Suffering

Mistress_Trish – So Much Pain And Suffering




Mistress Trish is going to cause slave elihu a great amount of pain and suffering for her pleasure. She pulls the slave over her knee and starts spanking him hard with her open palm. She warms his ass nicely, giving him spank after spank until his cheeks are glowing red from her touch. Knowing what a seasoned slave elihu is Trish mixes in some very heavy handed spanks with more rhythmic spanks to try and get a rise from the calm sub who suffers in stillness. Despite elihu’s calmness it is clear that the slave’s ass is quite tender after dozens of open handed spanks from his Mistress. She takes the opportunity of a sore ass to amplify that suffering quite a bit with some implements. Using a variety of canes and other toys Trish gives him a little taste of what is to come as she hits him a dozen or so times with each toy to gauge which ones get the best, painful, rise from her slave. The sjambok, the rawhide cane, a thin rattan cane, a carbon fiber rod, a thick plexiglass cane, and her belt are all used to tease some suffering from his ass. Trish smiles with anticipation as she continues to pain his ass a little bit more with some open handed spanks before she decides that it is time to give slave elihu the corporal punishment beating that she desires. The slave is placed on the bench so that Trish can use the leverage of her body to maximize the pain that he feels with each and every implement. Trish lays into the slave’s flesh using her belt to cause instant painful welting and bruising. She winds up each blow to utilize her powerful muscles to really wallop the slave’s already tender ass. Then comes the thick, inch wide, thudding plexiglass cane. The force of the cane makes the slave’s skin buckle beneath it’s strikes. Next is the sjambok. Always a hard implement to take. Trish uses it roughly, swinging with great force and passion so as to make her slave react from the blows. After several dozen mean hits with the sjambok it is time for a variety strokes from a unyielding cane covered in leather. Trish using the powerful punch of this cane to make the poor sub squirm in pain as his ass bruises become even more evident and even more painful with each hit. Once he has been nicely deeply bruised with this implement Trish moves to the thin cutting rattan cane. She hits him hard and fast, again maximizing his pain and suffering. Just when slave elihu does not think that it can get worse Trish pulls out the final two thin agonizingly cutting implements–a carbon fiber rod and a rawhide cane. She savors the slave’s dread and his pain as she lays into him with the carbon fiber rod. Clearly pleased at how much she can hurt her slave with this toy Trish utilizes it well. She covers the slave’s ass in agonizing strike after strike. Then, saving the best for last, Trish begins laying into his with the rawhide cane. The ripping into his flesh that this cane produces, amplified by Trish’s merciless full force swings, is severe. The poor slave can barely contain himself as Trish cuts into his skin with each and every stroke. She holds him down with her combat boot on his back so that she can continue to beat him raw until she is finally satiated with his pain and suffering. (Also available in two parts)



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CRUEL MISTRESSES – Hideously nervous Anette. Starring Mistress Anette

CRUEL MISTRESSES – Hideously nervous Anette. Starring Mistress Anette




When it is the hundredth occasion, the slave cries and begs for mercy, while Anette is punishing him, she gets really-really frustrated. Anette just spit the words to her slave, whileshe fucks him from behind, with her black cock. The slave tries his tricks, but this time Anette is in a very bad mood, she just slaps his ass with her bare hands and she strictlybarking orders meanwhile.

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: anette, strap on, hard fuck, anal, domina, mistress, cruel, femdom

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