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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Cuck Gives Bubble Bath

720 HD: Cameron’s cuckold draws her a bath. Cameron sits in the carefully prepared tub. She teases the cuck’s chastity with her finger nails. She reminds him that her boyfriend will be arriving soon. The cuck will have to eat her boyfriend’s used condoms, again. But this time, if the cuck is good, he may have a chance to earn his release. First, the cuck must choose an outfit for Cameron. It has to be an outfit that Cameron’s boyfriend likes. She sends the cuck for her wine. He returns with her wine and she tells him to wash her next. Cameron monologues about her exciting night ahead as the cuck washes her back. The cuck moves on to Cameron’s ass. She asks the cuck about his past relationships and finds that he has never had a girlfriend want him for anything but his money. Cameron is not surprised by his history. Cameron notices the cuck admiring her body while he washes. She knows her body excites him. She teases his chastity some more, this time with her foot. He’s been in chastity so long. Cameron wonders where she’s even placed the key. The cuck is not surprised that his key may be lost. He knows his place. He is so accepting of his lot, he’s certain he could learn to live out the rest of his days in the chastity device. Cameron is pleased with his understanding. She proposes a toast. She allows the cuck to draw himself a glass of her bathwater to drink. They raise a glass to Cameron’s boyfriend. The cuck drinks down her dirty bathwater. He brings her a clean towel before heading out to find an outfit Cameron’s boyfriend will like. (11:15 long)

Clip contains: Cameron, cuckold bathes Mistress, chastity, cuckolding, cuckold drinks dirty bathwater, domestic servitude


File Name : Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Cuck Gives Bubble Bath
Runtime : 00:11:06
File Size : 755 MB
Resolution : 1920×1080


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