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Mistress_Trish – Slapped Silly Because The Sadist Desires It

Mistress_Trish – Slapped Silly Because The Sadist Desires It




Mistress Trish’s sweet slut is in for it. Not because she is angry with him or because she wants to punish him but for the sheer pleasure of slapping his face silly Trish is going to brutalize his face with her open palm. She draws back and lets fly the first of many hard open palmed slaps. The force makes the slave’s head jerk violently. This and the booming sound of her palm making hard contact with his cheek make Trish smile and continue to slap his hard and fast. She sometimes hits him repetitively, knocking his face left and then right and back and forth with non-stop aggressive and fast slaps. Sometimes she takes her time to line up an especially brutally hard singular slap that knocks him sideways. After what must be dozens and dozens, if not over a hundred slaps, the slave’s cheeks are bruised and beet–or is it beat–red. Trish is satisfied that her sweet slut has taken the type of violently, aggressive face slapping that she desired to give him today. She warms him that there will be more to come in the future as she caresses his hot bruised cheeks, savoring his suffering.



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