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Mistress_Trish – Ridiculously Hard Face Slapping

Mistress_Trish – Ridiculously Hard Face Slapping




Mistress Trish warms up slave m with nonstop face slaps, left and right, with the slaps getting steadily harder. Already the slave’s face is red and warm, and Trish has barely started. “Ready for more?” the Mistress purrs, and She adds dozens of stiff, cruel face slaps that ring as they hit the slave. Trish admires the warmth of slave m’s purple-red face, and She adds some more slaps to the left side of his face to even out the warmth from Her attack, ending with a surprise vicious slap to the right cheek. After some more right cheek slaps, Mistress Trish then alternates powerful face slaps to the left and right, purring from the beautiful sound Her perfect blows create. The slave doubles over in pain while Trish laughs. The Mistress then attacks the slave with fast, hard slaps that end with a savage full-force slap to each side. Trish then unleashes a vicious series of swift, powerful slaps until the slave sinks down in agony. Mistress Trish ends the scene with brutal slaps to the left and right side of slave m’s face, and admires the deep warmth that comes off his face from the beating She has inflicted.



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